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Developing a Financial Dashboard

It can be very frustrating not to have access to critical financial information that will guide the company’s decisions and identify elements that require immediate attention. Case Study (PT Company)

The Challenge

Define an efficient process of extracting and manipulating financial data. Convert this data into useful information for top managers.

The Result

A dashboard with reliable and up-to-date financial performance indicators that enable you to guide your company’s decisions and identify elements that require immediate attention.

Reliable, up-to-date financial information was required on a single page. The scope of the project was defined as: definition of financial performance indicators, definition of the extraction process and information capture, creation of a dashboard that would show the information to the top managers.

Financial performance indicators

Financial indicators are very important for evaluating corporate performance. Only 9 indicators were defined in this first phase, the remaining indicators will be addressed in subsequent projects. The indicators that have been defined are:

Total Income, total costs, net profit, profit margin, recurrent income, monthly income average, monthly cost average, cash flow, income by country.

Extraction process and information capture

After defining the indicators that were interested in this first phase, it was important to define how the extraction and capture of information would be. For this, a process was created taken into account how data should be collected, how often, and where they should be stored.

Creating a dashboard

The process of extracting and capturing information was automated. In this way, we create an efficient process, with quality data, avoiding the errors coming from a manual solution.

This process has given rise to a beautiful dashboard, where top managers can daily visualize the financial health of the company, and make decisions in case of any urgency.

Are you interested in having a dashboard with relevant information to your company’s decision-making? You can contact us at emete@emete.com, we will be happy to know your projects and talk with you.

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