we will explain the data that the EMI platform holds. Data distributed on the EMI platform is classified as medical data, access rights, and sales information.

1.Medical data

All medical data provided will be stored on the Blockchain in encrypted form. We will start supporting the EMI Platform by initially keying in the domestic medical records data which EMI Foundation receives through the EST Corporation which possess this data for more than of 10 years. Specifically, all items of the standard inspections [8] prescribed by the Japan General Medical Seminar Society.


Medical data to support in the future

We will also support sharing and provision of medical data generated by electronic medical records distributed in Japan by 2021 i.e. within three years. However, the current blockchain technology is not suitable for handling large size data such as radiographs. We are going to determine the trend of blockchain technology for the next one year and to implement optimal implementation as of 2021.

In addition, we plan to support various kinds of vital data collected from smart devices such as I watch, fit bit and so on with the goal of collecting the data by 2023.

2.Access right of medical data

The EMI platform manages ownership and usage rights of data on the blockchain together with medical data. Users who provide data can make data visible and writable at their own discretion by giving as private access key to the usage authority such as medical institution, municipality, insurance association etc.

Also, users can set the data usage privileges at their own discretion. If given permission to reuse data, the access will be sold to pharmaceutical companies and research institution through EMI Foundation and EMI tokens will be issued to users and medical institutions that provided the data or have given access to the data.

3.Sale of Medical Information

As mentioned earlier, we do authorize the sale of data through EMI Foundation & upon the access rights obtained by the Patients. It is necessary to return the consideration of the data sold as an incentive through the platform to both data provider and the medical institution. We manage the data security with a private access to buy and sell and the pricing will be set to ensure proper incentive for it on the block chain and create a situation where users participating in the EMI platform can always monitor.