Official EMI Token Airdrop Announcement

EMI (Ecosystem of Medical Informatics) platform is aims at achieving the following three objectives.

That is the system that realizes improvement of medical science by guaranteeing the safety, security & inte-operability of medical information and aggregating the data using big data analytics and artificial intelligence on the Blockchain platform.

We are convinced that this new medical infrastructure that the EMI platform creates will increase the life span of the people around the world.

  1. Secured Sharing of Medical Information with complete tracebility
  2. Aggregation of Medical Information from multiple sources
  3. Utilizing medical information for Big Data Analytics

AirDrop Campaign

EMI Foundation is airdropping EMI tokens to our community members.
EMI Foundation airdrop will end at the time of application of 30,000 people. 
Complete easy tasks and submit your details to receive 10EMI each.

How to Take part?

1.Join our telegram group

2.Follow AND Retweet pinned message

3.Create EMI Wallet

For more information about the airdrop, visit

In case of any discrepancies, report your issues at