Think art! You probably think about a gallery, a painting maybe, a singer or an actor… Yes music, painting, dancing, theatre…are all forms of art, but art is more than what artists do, and it’s definitely not just what’s displayed in museums , galleries or what we see on TV, the truth is: art is all around us, and there’s an artist inside each one of us.

What is art?

The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power (Oxford dictionary)

 What is the importance of art?

Now try and imagine your life without art, theoretically it might seem easy, life with essential things only (food, a home..).But the real importance of art lies on making life Joyful.

even in Mordor, even in Mordor you can’t live without art!

Sometimes a good song is what we need to set our mood and find motivation.

(me talking to my modules,yees tears stream!!!)
still you have to figure out the right music for your body!

Art says what you can’t say!!!!

Still the struggle can be real with the recipient taste

Ooow History?Give me a break,but It’s not that boring if studied through art!!!

eeem I see barricades,revolution,a woman…yeaaah!! freedom…

Say culture I say art,art is definitely the best reflection of culture(le thé le thé le thé …sorry)

I will catch them all (one day)

It’s the best way to express oneself (Because keeping a diary is often misunderstood!)

Help us socialize with people (or keep them away(optional))

Feeds our imagination (and then you start doubting your existence)

Now do you think that Oscar Wilde was right when he said “Art is useless”?

Neither do I!!