Affordable advertising to spark growth across the country is a company helping small businesses all across the UK to grow. How is it done? Through AdNozzles.

AdNozzles are a highly accountable way for companies to start a conversation with their local audiences using adverting inserts on petrol pumps. Other than being affordable, they do a great job targeting motorists in a specific region or postcode.

Empathy and Need-finding

Looking at the business model on which LATW works on, I could identify at least three types of users:

The Small Business Owner - These are the people interested in promoting their companies. They range from being dentists to builders, estate agents, car dealers, food suppliers and much more.

The Petrol Station Manager - People managing petrol forecourts are very important for LATW. They’re the ones deciding what makes into the pumps and how adverts look like once they’re there.

The Insert Guys - These guys go to every one of more than 4,000 locations in the country to install and replace pump inserts, undoubtably playing a vital role in the business engine.


For this challenge, the chosen user was the ‘Small Business Owner’. We decided that our main goal would be to improve conversions on the website and turn it into a leads generating tool. So we delved a little deeper to understand who the picked user really was.

Golden Path

To expand the empathy for our user I’ve decided to lay down what the ideal journey for them would look like considering his/her needs, tasks and goals.

Green: Positive experiences | Yellow: Neutral experiences | Red: Negative experiences


During the ideation phase it’s easy to get carried away when all those cool ideas are flying about. To make sure that only the most relevant ones would make it to the final design, I’ve conducted a 2x2 matrix workshop.

2x2 Matrix Exercise



Next step

Having worked on creating a better experience for the ‘Small Business Owner’ user type gave me great insights for future iterations.

I can’t wait to get started with the other two users and understand what problems are out there to be solved.


It’s always nice to go look back and realise how far we’ve come. Local Advertising That Works use to seem dated and amateurish to a certain extent. Thanks to empathy with the user and the implementation of current user interface techniques we could improve the way we’re were perceived by users and provide them with a better experience.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.