Book Review: ‘The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion: Friendship’

A storytelling children’s book by Diana Rangaves and illustrated by Tatiana Minina. A story about the value of friendship and learning life lessons.

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My name is Michael Reynoso, and today, I will be doing a book review on “The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion” by Diana Rangaves. The book is illustrated by Tatiana Minina. Also, I will pull up a few links for you readers to grab this book for yourselves so you can read it to your children.

So without further ado, let’s go right into this amazing book!

A Children’s Book

This great book, The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion: Friendship by Diana Rangaves, revolves around the concept of friendship and the value of friendship. Rosy Posy, a Papillion, sits on the green grass and yawns. It is a warm morning and she sees Raoul the ant. She asks Raoul if he will be her friend.

Book Summary

Raoul thinks he is too small to be Rosy Posy’s friend. Raoul thinks to himself if Rosy Posy would be a good friend or maybe just wants to hurt him. Rosy Posy never bites. All she wants is to be friends with Raoul and develop a great friendship. As both parties introduce who they are, Raoul gladly agrees to ride on the top of Rosy Posy’s head.

Both Rosy Posy and Raoul sit on the green grass and sing the friendship song. As they happily sit on the grass, Rosy Posy suddenly looks up and sees Abu, who is a black pony. Abu tells both Raoul and Rosy Posy that he is too busy to hang out with them. With Abu not paying them any attention, will Raoul and Rosy Posy make more new friends? Or will they continue their new-found friendship?

My Thoughts on the Book

This impactful story is needed and children will adore all of the characters that are included in the book. The illustrations by Tatiana Minina makes the book come to life. I love the simplistic art style in each picture and what it represents. The book simply exhorts the concept, important messages, and characters that are brought to life in a big way. What I love about “The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion” is that the book teaches children an important lesson on friendship and who to go to in any given situation.

For example, your child may meet other children at school during recess that may not want to be their friend, but that does not mean they are not worthy of friendship. It just means that they are not supposed to be friends with everyone and that is okay, too. There are plenty of great children out there who are willing to be friends with your child. It is up to him/her to know who to be friends with and always stay true to who they are.

Dr. Diana Ranagves’ (Author) adorable Papillion dogs

The Friendship Song

The friendship song is a great way for children to sing with their friends. This book is the perfect bedtime storybook for children and the concept makes it great for reading to your children out loud. For teachers, you can interact with children by having storytelling sessions in classrooms. For parents, you can use this same concept at home to help your children form healthy relationships.

I strongly believe that children need more stories like this so they can learn how to make new friends and build strong relationships. I love all the characters that are involved in the story, they are Rosy Posy, Raoul, Abu, Jamal, Ailani, Circe, and Yukiko. I also love the character’s lovable and playful nature, which emphasizes their own unique personalities.


I believe that each character is created equally and they teach children valuable life lessons about the value of friendship. If I were to grade this book, I will give it an A+ for originality and concept.

This is the book review of “The Adventures of Rosy Posy Papillion”.

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