Traders Behaviour Analysis. Part 2.

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Dec 18, 2019 · 3 min read

This article contains the information which will guide you through the habits of crypto traders: what assets they prefer to trade, as well as what strategies and tools they use for this. Here we present the charts with the traders’ answers.

Trading strategies and crypto assets

Most traders visit exchanges daily. This is due to the popular trading strategies of the community and the volatility of major currencies.

34% of cryptocurrency traders are HOLDers, and only 6% consider cryptocurrency exchanges as a tool for storing assets. 17% of traders who sell cryptocurrency for a one-time gain also include coin miners, ICOs, IEOs, AirDrop’s and Bounty programs participants.

24% of respondents trade exchanges’ native tokens. As expected, the most popular trading assets are BTC and altcoins. Catchy fact: 86% of traders do not participate in ICO/IEO, preferring the regular trading income or the accumulation of their assets’ portfolio.

The most popular trading strategies are impulse trading and day trading. This is due to the high volatility and unpredictability of the market, as well as the poor trading experience of most traders.

Almost half of the respondents trade up to 30% of their deposit.

Loans and investment boxes are the most unpopular features. The reason may not be the low popularity, but their low representation on the market as a features.

53% of cryptocurrency traders trade via browser or combine browser and smartphone. Trading via tablet is the least popular.


  1. 64% of traders check cryptocurrency exchanges every day.
  2. 94% of traders do not store all their crypto assets on the exchange. The most common use of platforms is trading for regular profits.
  3. Most of the respondents trade in BTC or altcoins, while 14% of them are focused on a short-term profit via coins purchased during ICOs and similar activities. Native exchange tokens are traded by only 24% of respondents.
  4. 50% of respondents follow an impulse trading strategy. Approximately 8% use trading bots.
  5. Least of all traders use loans (8%) and investment boxes (14%). Most often — market indexes feature (34%).
  6. 30% of respondents trade via a browser. 23% — via a browser and smartphone. Tablets and desktop applications are not popular.

The upcoming article will outline media platforms and social media traders prefer to use. Stay tuned.


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The Infrastructure for the New Digital Economy.

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