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A Success Story: Becoming an Emiswap Liquidity Provider

Hey Emiswapper,

Have you ever wondered how much a liquidity provider actually makes using the EmiSwap AMM DEX? Well, we prepared a story about a few LPs from our community that agreed to share their dashboards as support for EmiSwap.

First off, when you do provide liquidity on EmiSwap, you get refunded 100% of the ETH you spent in ESW! That’s your first reward. We actually compensate all gas fees on all swapping and pooling operations! Now that you own ESW, you will be eligible for 0.05% of the daily DEX trading volume, relative to how much ESW you own.

User X (Spain) started providing liquidity on EmiSwap on for :

  • USDT/USDC since June 16 — Pool Share: 0.17%
  • USDT/ETH since June 21 — Pool Share: 0.17%
  • ESW/ETH since July 2 — Pool Share: 0%

Let’s examine how much user X made just in the past few weeks:

As you can see if you look at the upper right section, “My ESW Rewards” indicates that user X has made 377.79≈ $28!🤯

In the matter of a few weeks and while only adding very little to all the pools, that’s a sweet reward and a simple example of passive income from providing liquidity alone. The skyrocketing APR rates are here for a short time only! Take this chance to really make some profit!

If you feel queasy about it, here’s something to think about:

People strike up a relationship with a bank that safeguards their capital. The bank charges fees for every operation without any real payback (You may get miles or a banker’s card with a phony smile). Not to mention having to book an appointment or wait in line for several hours, show your ID and paperwork, sign here and there. Why do all that? The reason is that the bank started with its capital and went on to acquire more liquidity. When you wish to withdraw your savings, they’re locked for long periods, sometimes years! They gain everything, while you make pennies on the dollar. Enough!

BYOL: Bring Your Own Liquidity

DeFi is the natural way of going about things. The banking system is not only ridiculous but ignorant in the age of DeFi. The whole idea is, let’s bring our own liquidity and make our own markets! You can see your savings grow every second on EmiSwap, and you can withdraw your liquidity, literally anytime you want! That’s the beauty of smart contracts, the definition of trust is redefined. Instead of an intermediary we don’t really trust, we get an intelligent system based on code. This means one thing only, by going for the good of everyone, you’re really going for what’s best for you. In that way, providing liquidity holds so much for the future! Putting your money in the bank feels safer, but does it get you NFTs?

When you help EmiSwap cross TVL milestones, you get an NFT. The more you provide as you cross the milestone, the rarer and better your card will be! Check out EmiSwap’s yield-boosting Magic NFT cards.

Take advantage of high APR in the early days and 10X early bird rewards and start providing liquidity now! If you don’t know how to provide liquidity, here’s a detailed guide.

Keep up with EmiSwap updates:

Website: https://emiswap.com/#/invest

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmiSwap

Medium: https://emiswap.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/emiswap_official

Discord: https://discord.gg/RYDYZsH

Github: https://github.com/EMISWAP-COM/



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