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EmiSwap DEX Airdrops $ESW Worth Over $100,000 USD

Dear Airdrop Aficionados & De-Fi Devotees,

On June 8th, yes, a few days ago, the Emiswap AMM DEX announced the commencement of an airdrop campaign on Airdrops.io. We developed this competition to honor EmiSwap’s community by providing over 1,000,000 ESW tokens valued at over 100,000 USD.

The first airdrop launch began by distributing over 350,000 ESW tokens, and in less than an hour, over 10,000 people were requesting to join the airdrop, absolutely crushing the standards and our expectations!

We look forward to welcoming so many new members into our community! The EmiSwap AMM Chat now hosts over 21,400 happy swappers, earning rewards, and helping build the future of decentralization and DeFi through the EmiDAO.

The initial portion of the airdrop campaign rewarded users for following EmiSwap on Twitter, joining the EmiSwap Telegram, retweeting a Twitter post, and submitting their ETH address to claim the reward. $4 (≈ 35 ESW) was given to all the 10,000 users. Each referral was additionally rewarded $0.2 (≈ 2 ESW). Other optional tasks included tweeting about EmiSwap and tagging the company, as well as following EmiSwap on Facebook. In addition, 100 lucky users were randomly selected to earn $20( ≈ 170 ESW). Again, thanks to our amazing community, the airdrop was over in the first hour! :)

On the next airdrop — June 22, we will be inviting people to use EmiSwap for a total reward of 870,000 ESW ($100,000) tokens. 5,000 users will get rewards for swapping ANY token pair on or adding liquidity to any token pair pool. As always, we will refund all Ethereum gas fees in ESW! You must have your transaction ID for submission and then fill out a Google Form to submit the details of your participation. After the tasks are completed, you will receive $20 of ESW (≈ 170 ESW).

Keep in mind: The rewards will be given following the Token Generation Event (TGE) in late June. Furthermore, the EmiSwap AMM DEX offers 10X LP rewards, gas fee refunds, NFT Magic Cards, compatibility with 5 wallets, and $ESW as a governance token that rewards holders with 0.05% of the DEX’s daily trading volume and more.

For more airdrops and rewarding contests, visit EmiSwap’s:

DEX — https://emiswap.com/#/swap

Wiki — https://wiki.emiswap.com

Twitter — https://twitter.com/emiswap

Telegram channel — https://t.me/emiswap_announcementl

Telegram chat — https://t.me/EmiSwap_Official

Medium — https://emiswap.medium.com

Github — https://github.com/EMISWAP-COM/



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