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EmiSwap DEX Undergoes Second Vulnerability Assessment and Code Review by BlueSwarm Security

Dear EmiSwap Users,

Blue Swarm, a Blockchain security firm, has completed a Smart Contract Code Review and Security Analysis of the EmiSwap AMM DEX, which was its second-ever security audit. Read the full analysis done using Blue Swarm’s proprietary software!

The implementation strategy of Blue Swarm combines established processes, highly skilled staff, and a super-responsive approach to deliverables management and the use of proprietary technologies.

The code audit was carried out utilizing the SWC (Smart Contract Weakness Classification) and CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration) specifications. The evaluation was carried out by highly experienced personnel utilizing a combination of proprietary software and manual testing.

EmiSwap Second Security Audit Results

The contract has undergone various phases of the audit process, including structural analysis, automated testing, manual code review, and so on. All of the concerns have been thoroughly addressed and explored. Along with a description of the problem discovered during the audit, the proposed solution for resolving the problem or improving code quality is also given. All vulnerabilities and concerns discovered were either resolved or properly addressed by other controls, or the contract in question was deprecated, or future low-effect solutions would be updated in future updates.

Excerpt from Blue Swarm’s Paper


V1: Original Report without remediation [ORIGINAL TEST DATE]: 07/06/2021

V2: Remediation Report [REMEDIATION TEST DATE]: 01/07/2021

This review is marked as V.2, which was conducted by Blueswarm’s certified security engineers. We identified several security vulnerabilities and provided remediation advice to EmiSwap after being notified by [CLIENT] that all vulnerabilities have been corrected, Blueswarm have performed a remediation test (V.2) on [REMEDIATION TEST DATE] to confirm that all vulnerabilities and issues identified were either corrected or had been adequately addressed through other controls. While no application or system can be 100% secure, all of our security findings were corrected or addressed and it is our opinion that the contracts tested are reasonably well written from a security perspective and the applications and supporting systems are deployed, configured, and implemented in a secure manner. IF NOT FULLY CORRECTED The review was conducted by Blueswarms’s certified security engineers. We identified several security vulnerabilities and provided remediation advice to [CLIENT]. After being notified by [CLIENT] that these selected vulnerabilities had been corrected, Blueswarm performed a remediation test on [REMEDIATION TEST DATE] and confirmed that these selected vulnerabilities were either corrected or had been adequately addressed through other controls.”

We are always keen on security and code because protecting your assets is our primary job. You never have to worry about your operations on EmiSwap. 😎 You may also check out EmiSwap’s first security audit that was conducted by Hacken.io.

Keep up with the best DEX on the market! Visit EmiSwap’s:

Website: https://emiswap.com/#/pool

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmiSwap

Medium: https://medium.com/emiswap

Telegram: https://t.me/emiswap_official

Discord: https://discord.gg/RYDYZsH

Github: https://github.com/EMISWAP-COM/




EmiSwap is a decentralized AMM exchange, the first project in the EmiDAO ecosystem supplemented by ESW governance token and NFT Magic Cards. 100% of the exchange fee is distributed among the ESW token holders.

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