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EmiSwap DEX Unlocks ESW Holders’ Rewards

Hey EmiSwappers!

We’re delighted to announce that as of today — July 20, EmiSwap unlocked many ESW holder rewards for different activities. You got us here! It’s time we give back :)

Please note that the rewards to be paid are for:

  1. Liquidity pairs with ESW on EmiSwap and other DEXs;
  2. LP tokens allocated to farming;
  3. Staking;
  4. NFT farming.

Did you know that post TGE, EmiSwap’s liquidity skyrocketed to over a million dollars! We are giving out insanely high APR for staking, farming (As high as it gets, several thousand percent in the early days). The DEX is as smooth as ever and more functionality, interoperability, and support methods are being added every day. We’re having a magician design our new Magic hall, Magic Cards, for a more intense magical DEX experience.

Holders might not have to wait long before they’re really making it all happen with ESW and EmiSwap. We proudly are the Ecosystem of Meaningful interactions. When you use EmiSwap, you’ll be refunded all ETH gas fees you paid, leaving you with the wonderful gift of ESW tokens that make you the owner of the DEX you’re using!

“Owner! What do you mean?”

ESW token holders are the actual owners of the EmiSwap DEX because:

  • They receive 100% of the DEX’s income (0.05% from any operation).
  • They can vote on future developments and determine the fate of the project.
  • EmiSwap charges a 0.3% fee for every swap. This fee is distributed among LP providers (0.25%) and ESW token holders (0.05%) proportionally to their share in the pool.

ESW holder’s rewards are credited on the following tokens:

  • Uncollected ESW tokens (both locked and available to withdraw) in the user’s EmiSwap account.
  • ESW tokens that were collected and are now in the user’s wallet.
  • ESW tokens that the user received through swapping on any exchange.
  • ESW tokens user stakes on EmiSwap.

Dividends are paid to all ESW owners. Dividends that have already been earned are not transferred along with ESW to another user; instead, they are regarded to belong to the original owner and can be collected by them when the withdrawal feature is implemented.

ESW holder’s rewards are NOT credited if:

  • ESW is sent to a contract. They are no longer counted in the user’s ESW balance and, as a result, in the calculation of his new dividend share. This means that using ESW tokens to increase liquidity on any exchange lowers the user’s ESW reward balance.

ESW staking on EmiSwap is the only smart contract where the user’s ESW balance does not diminish when transmitting ESW. It has a specific address associated with it.

People who use EmiSwap are generally happier than other DEX users; if you know, you know! :)

Never miss a beat from the EmiSwap AMM DEX, follow us on:

Website: https://emiswap.com/#/pool

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmiSwap

Medium: https://medium.com/emiswap

Telegram: https://t.me/emiswap_official

Discord: https://discord.gg/RYDYZsH

Github: https://github.com/EMISWAP-COM/



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