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The EmiSwap Roadmap: July Edition

Hello, community!

This is your monthly summary of what’s new and coming soon to your favorite DEX. June was really hot but more than anything — exciting and joyful! $ESW holders are aware of our ambitious plan, as well as our team’s tireless efforts to execute upgrades swiftly and safely.

EmiSwap’s ecosystem is voted on by its community, so our incremental improvements are composed of what’s needed (security, roadmap features), and what’s desired (10X bonuses, vesting). These updates are balanced and sustainable for EmiSwap and the entire EmiDAO ecosystem and its strong community.

So, What Happened In June?

  1. Launchpad Sales: $ESW listed on launchpads on 25 June.
  2. EmiSwap airdropped $ESW worth over $100,000.
  3. Listing of $ESW on the Uniswap DEX — 1 July.
  4. ESW Farming & Staking features added!

Staking and farming features will be officially launched on EmiSwap on July 1. You’ll be able to join certain ESW pools to ramp up your earnings. You’ll have the opportunity to farm ESW and win prizes. The earlier a user jumps into a farm, the higher APR will be. Hurry up!

Coming in July, Besides the heat…

  1. EmiSwap’s NFT Magic Card bonuses activated!
  2. New Magic Hall release and updates.
  3. Plans to launch farming on the Polygon blockchain.
  4. The EmiSwap AMM DEX will also support the Polygon blockchain.
  5. EmiSwap may also offer Solana, Near Protocol, and BSC blockchains support.

EmiSwap is a growing phenomenon that will benefit all $ESW holders and even blockchains it runs on. That’s because our DeFi ecosystem carefully handles issues like corruption, fraud, inefficiency, and low liquidity. EmiSwap adheres to proven blockchain methods and allows users to instantly swap all cryptocurrencies with anyone anywhere in the world.

After this, the $ESW token will soar! Since the maximum ESW supply is 200 million, a market cap of $37.5 billion based on 10 billion TVL would develop, boosting the estimated value of one ESW to over $188 per token! Take a look at the previous roadmap update. Provide liquidity to win NFTs (Magic Cards) and cross milestones!

Never miss an update! Follow EmiSwap on:

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