4 Foreplay Activities That Aren’t Sexual but Are Super Arousing

These non-sexual activities can be used as foreplay (making sex so much more pleasurable).

Emma London
Mar 7 · 4 min read
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I love sex. But for me, sex without foreplay is rare to happen.

Foreplay is “part one” of sex. It’s more than warming up the bodies for what’s coming. It’s an emotional connection, a bridge we build from the real (stressing) life to a relaxing, immune-to-anything moment.

There are thousands of ways you can engage in foreplay with your partner; using toys, your oral skills, your hands, your voice,… All of them work wonderfully to connect you to the moment.

But you also have foreplay activities that aren’t sexual and, like the above, have an amazing impact on your sex life.

Today, I’m sharing my favourite four non-sexual foreplay activities. If you’re skipping them, I suggest you try; they will be a boost of pleasure and connection.

1. Slow Dancing

Once I dated a super romantic guy. We went out several times before we had sex. We certainly build up our arousal.

One of the most incredible memories I have from us is from the night we first had sex. Not because of the sex itself, but for what happened before.

My date took me out for dinner and we went back to his place, where we share a bottle of wine while making out on the sofa.

When we were both very aroused, he grabbed my hand and walked me to his bedroom. We did the corridor kissing, without letting go of each other. The music was playing, and when we entered the bedroom, a song from The Cure started playing.

When I thought he’d throw me to the bed and make love to me, he did something surprising and so, so sexy: he held me in his arms and started dancing with me.

We had a sensual slow dance. It was intense and intimate.

During The Cure’s song, my date’s body was glued to mine. Feeling his breathing on my neck was intoxicating, his hands pressing my lower back against him made my mind turn off.

I was so present in the moment. During our dance, I belonged to that man.

If you want to impress your partner with a seductive, non-sexual activity, grab them and offer them slow dancing. They will not forget that moment.

2. Cooking Together

Often, our busy lives don’t allow us to have quality time with our loved ones.

Recently, I started a new part-time job. That meant I had to upgrade my writing status to professional, so I can earn enough to cover my expenses. I’m working hard; my free time is close to none.

My partner also works a lot. Now, we have to manage our timings wisely, so we’re able to be together. We don’t live together, we have a kind of “part-time living together” system in place.

One thing we do since my working routines changed, is cooking together.

By sharing the cooking moment, we have time to talk (something I value immensely), and to be together. But not only that: we also flirt and tease the other while we’re cooking. He kisses my neck from behind, which, being my soft spot, drives me crazy. In return, I grab his ass or balls and whisper to him I can’t wait to put them in my mouth…

And because we don't intend to act on the teasing — no food waste here! — our cooking sessions act like foreplay. We build up the pleasure but will only act on it later on.

3. Shared Bubble Bath

I love bubble baths; it’s my favourite activity to relax.

I usually take a book, replace the lights with candles, put my headphones on with a smooth playlist, and forget about the world outside the bathtub. Often I take my wand with me.

Doing all the above with someone you love is heaven.

Often, a shared bubble bath can lead to sex in the tub or other activities, but it can also be a delicious non-sexual foreplay moment.

Having your naked bodies under warm water, touching without having sex in mind — not in that moment — is very intimate and pleasurable.

4. Relaxing massage

There are many reasons to receive a full body massage: as stress relief, to smooth an aching, tired body, or simply as an act of self-care.

Having a massage from your partner makes it all betters. You have no inhibitions, your body is used to their hands, you can fully relax.

Even not having sex as an end, you can make the moment super relaxed and sensual. Light candles in the room, put a calm playlist and chose an involving fragrance for the massaging oil.

Skin-to-skin contact — sexualised or not — is very important. It increases intimacy and strengthens the couple’s bond. And, of course, it can be sensual foreplay.

Sex is a very important part of your relationship. But so are non-sexual activities, including the ones that can be turned into foreplay.

Intimacy strengths your bond and promotes a stronger, healthier relationship. You should do everything in your power to share quality time with your partner.

Emma London writes

“Ordinary life does not interest me” — Anais Nin

Emma London

Written by

Writing on Sex and Relationships . Freelancer Email: emmalondon@emmalondonwrites.com | Buy me a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/emmalondon

Emma London writes

Stories about sex, love, relationships and Emma London’s kinks

Emma London

Written by

Writing on Sex and Relationships . Freelancer Email: emmalondon@emmalondonwrites.com | Buy me a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/emmalondon

Emma London writes

Stories about sex, love, relationships and Emma London’s kinks

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