5 Apps That Promise to Improve Your Sex Life

Single or in a relationship, these apps will enhance your sex life.

Emma London
Jan 8 · 5 min read
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Nowadays, you can find an app for about anything you want — including apps that help you improve your sex life. You will find them useful, either you’re in a relationship or if you’re single.

Sexual health is now gaining more attention.

Besides your physical, mental, and emotional health, specialists are also looking into ways to enhance your sexual wellbeing.

I’ve matured and enriched my sexual discovery by reading sex bloggers. Through them, I found answers to my questions and curiosities. I relate with so many stories I read here, on Medium.

But there are many ways to empower your sexual discovery — for example, apps that focus on providing advice and strategies, and also offer erotic content.

Today, I’m presenting you with 5 apps with the potential to improve your sex life.

1. Ferly

This app is an audio guide to mindful sex, directed to vulva owners.

The mission of Ferly is to:

Radically transform your relationship with sex. How you think about it — and how you have it.” The creators of the app, want that women and vulva owners have a “space where you’re able to lead a life that is pleasurable, confident and healthy.” Source.

The audio guides offer a large range of content.

You’ll find erotic stories, guided practices, scientific-based articles and personalised programmes to help you explore pleasure in a more mindful way.

Ferly also has content to help women to address issues like low self-esteem and libido, lack of body confidence or the inability to orgasm.

The app is free to download, but it charges for its premium content.

2. Dipsea

In this piece, I explained how reading erotica empowers your sexuality. With Dipseia, you can put my suggestions in practice — this is an audio erotic stories app.

Dipsea’s mission is to:

Feeling turned on is more than a wind up to sex. It’s a way to feel more alive, understand yourself, unlock confidence, and enhance intimacy. Dipsea empowers you to tap into those feelings whenever you damn well please! ~ Source

This app contains over 300 straight and queer stories; approaching diverse themes. The length of each story varies between five and twenty-five minutes. The app releases new stories on a weekly basis.

Their creators claim their stories are:


The belief that the most “exciting and immersive stories are the ones that you can relate to”, is the grounds of the content of Dipsea.

The purpose is for every one of us — women, as this is the target of the app — to relate with the stories. The content is transversal; it includes different sexual preferences and interests.


The characters of Dipsea’s content are empowered; not only sexually, but also in their romantic and social life.


The stories of this app are always sex-positive and performed considering safety and enthusiastic consent. They are free from shaming and judgments.

You can download Dipsea and access some content for free; but to have the full experience, you must have a paid subscription.

3. Emjoy

This is a self-care app for the female public.

The audio guide for intimate wellbeing. Self-care for your body and mind goes beyond fancy body scrubs, smelly candles or evenings on the treadmill. ~ Source

Emjoy focus on your sexual wellbeing.

The content — guided audio practices, updated weekly — focuses on building your self-confidence, on boosting your libido; on how to develop your self-knowledge and ways to improve your sexual communication.

This app has a 150+ library of wellbeing sessions, developed by therapists and specialised expert collaborators. According to your profile and initial assessment, you’ll have a personalised experience, choosing which goals you want to focus on.

Emjoy offers daily routines and challenges to work on your self-love and to (re)connect with your body; working on building a positive body image.

This app is free to download, but to have unlimited use, you must buy a yearly or quarterly subscription.

4. Lover

The mission of this sexual health app is:

Let’s have better sex. From expert treatment to science-based exercises, Lover has everything you need to build a more pleasurable sex life.

Lover wants to help people who struggle with their sexuality; it was designed for men and women. It has available audio and written content on the full spectrum of sexuality: physical, mental, and emotional.

It includes content with practical exercises (like orgasm exercises and mindfulness), and games.

As a user, you start by completing an assessment, which will originate exercises and expert advice, through audio and video guidance with easy-to-follow instructions.

In an interview with the BBC News, the app co-creator, Dr Britney Blair, a clinical psychologist and behavioural medicine expert, describes the app as “a science-based app for addressing sexual concerns, increasing pleasure and improving skills in the bedroom.”

Lover is free, but if you can pay a monthly or annual subscription, you will access premium content.

5. Coral

In 2019, Coral was awarded the “Sexproduct of the year”. This Sex, Desire and Intimate coach app wants you to:

Achieve your best intimate life through a mix of science, stories and practical exercises created by experts, curated for you.

Coral was designed to eradicate bedroom boredom by offering you exercises and audio stories from real Coral users.

It wants to help you improve your sexual performance. For that, it offers science-based, expert-vetted sexual wellness articles, audio guides and solo and partnered exercises. It also has available real stories.

Like the apps above suggested, Coral updates its content weekly.

This app offers you a weekly sex tracker, collecting information from a personal journal. This will allow you to see patterns and have a better understanding of how (and why) your sexuality developed over time.

You also have at your disposal a community where the users of the discuss their most pressing questions.

Coral offers annual subscriptions to unlock unlimited access to the whole content library.

If you search for apps on the sexuality domain, you will find a massive offer. My suggestion is for you to have a clear mind of what you’re looking for and to read the reviews on the app store.

The app’s I suggested on this piece have, overall, very positive reviews.

Please bear in mind that despite being educational, no app will ever replace professional help; the same way it won’t solve your relationship problems. See them as a resource, never as a “cure”.

Choose one (or more), test its free version and if you enjoy it, consider subscribing the premium version!

Emma London writes

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