Foreplay Activities That Make My Sex Life Better

Here’s a peek to my foreplay repertoire

Emma London
Dec 29, 2020 · 4 min read
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Foreplay can be as much as pleasurable as the sexual act itself. Besides being a trigger to sex — as it increases the sexual tension -, foreplay warms up the bodies and connects the minds. Consequently, it improves the quality (and even duration) of the orgasms.

This 2017 study concluded that “women were more likely to orgasm if their last sexual encounter included deep kissing, manual genital stimulation, and/or oral sex in addition to vaginal intercourse”.

Besides the physical pleasure, foreplay it’s an excellent way for you to let go of your thoughts and worries; it helps you to be mindful, which is the best way to enjoy sex with all your senses and full pleasure.

There’s an immensity of activities that can be performed during foreplay, from kissing to playing with sex toys. Foreplay is any activity that turns you and your partner on.

I’m a huge fan of foreplay, and my partner and I spend lots of time engaging in it. We have many ways to lead our bodies (and mind) to sex. Today, I’m sharing six of my favourite foreplay activities.

1. Making Out

Undoubtedly, making out is my favourite foreplay of all.

I love kissing, especially French kissing. I melt when my partner kisses my erogenous spots. But making out is more than kisses.

Besides the kissing and the touching, there’s something that is a must on making out: dry humping.

Having your clothes on and kissing (hard) your partner, rubbing your genitals against theirs is highly erotic. For me, not only serves me to connect deeply with my partner, but it also stimulates my clitoris, I get super aroused.

2. Oral Sex

Oral sex is versatile; it can be a sexual act, and it can be foreplay.

I love both to give and receive oral sex, so it’s rare to skip it during my foreplay sessions. Besides the pleasure I get from it, receiving cunnilingus it’s the best way to make me super horny. Meaning, it’s the fastest way to make me orgasm.

Sometimes, my partner and I also do rimming, that consists of oral sex in the anus. It’s sexy, pleasurable and fun!

3. Sex toys

I’m a sucker for sex toys. I have a vast collection, with “vanilla” and kinky toys. We use them all the time.

For my foreplay, I love to use the magic wand, butt plugs and vibrators.

Sex toys are great to build anticipation and stimulate your body in specific areas. For example, using the wand on my genitals increases my arousal and makes me very wet.

It’s rare for me to use lube when I have a good session of foreplay.

4. Watch porn with my partner

I wrote a piece about the benefits of watching porn with your partner.

I started doing it recently, and I love it.

Watching porn with my partner sets a sexy mood; it makes us disconnect from “real life”.

The fun starts with us choosing the movie. We browse through the different categories until we find something we both want.

After we start watching it, we go with the flow. We talk about the actors/actresses, the positions, the sounds; we make plans to try a specific move or technique.

Whatever we do, it always ends in sex. Sometimes we leave the laptop in front of us and fuck with the movie on. It’s so sexy!

5. Erotic massage

An erotic massage merges two pleasures in one: you get your body untied in a very sensual, horny way.

Using an erotic massage as foreplay not only helps me to disconnect from accumulated stress, but it gets me closer to my partner in an involving, calm way.

Sometimes he adds to the massage extra stimulation by using the feather tickler all over my body; it feels so, but so good!

6. Mutual Masturbation

I get extra aroused watching my partner masturbate for me, the same way he gets by looking at me masturbate for him.

Mutual masturbation is one of our ways of foreplay. Often we start our sexual connection that way. We also use it as a sexual act, but more often as foreplay.

We engage in mutual masturbation with or without sex toys, both options are extremely erotic and make us have a spectacular sexual experience.

Foreplay should always be a part of your sexual act. It can last only a few minutes or it can go for hours. It can start when you are together or before, with sexy text messages or phone calls.

It’s through foreplay that you turn off your stressors and connect your body and mind to the pleasurable moment.

Besides, foreplay creates the ideal moment to bond, to exchange caressing and deliver pleasure sensually, by exploring and teasing your lover’s erogenous areas.

Even if you have little time available, spare a few minutes in foreplay, it will make sex much better.

Emma London writes

“Ordinary life does not interest me” — Anais Nin

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