How to Buy Lingerie Your Woman Will Love (to Wear and to Strip!)

Considerations to have when buying lingerie she will love.

Emma London
Feb 27 · 6 min read
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Wearing sexy, beautiful lingerie is a passion for many women.

Despite loving to wear lingerie for my partner — his reaction makes me feel sexy and empowered — , I love doing it for myself. Actually, I think I enjoy doing it for myself more than for him.

I love lingerie. Some women are crazy about shoes, handbags or makeup. Me? Lingerie and boots.

If I could, I would have drawers and drawers filled with sexy lingerie. Classic, kinky, made of lace, silk, latex; one piece, two, three… You name it, I want it.

I buy many of my lingerie online, and I never have unpleasant surprises. I know exactly what will suit me or not — I’ve been doing it for years.

But when you buy lingerie for someone else, it can be challenging; there are many things to consider, some you might not even know how to figure out.

What to consider when buying lingerie for her

There are several considerations you should have before you buy lingerie for your woman. Here are the main ones:

If you’re buying your partner lingerie to fulfil your fantasy, you need to make sure she’s fine with it. Not only with the fantasy itself, but wearing whatever you have in mind.

No matter how beautiful and sensual a set of lingerie is, a woman can still feel uncomfortable wearing it.

To prevent disappointments and hurt egos, if you want to buy your partner lingerie for role-playing or to fulfil a fantasy, make sure she will be happy both with the scene and with dressing what you desire.

Let’s now see what you need to consider buying her lingerie that will take her breath away (and make you two have a great time.)

You might think you’re buying the most beautiful lingerie you ever saw in your life, but when she opens the package, it makes her cringe.

Many women (and men) deal with body issues. This 2019 UK survey conducted with 4.505 adults, concluded that one in five people felt ashamed of their body.

Getting undressed in front of someone — even if the person who loves them — can be daunting.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you’ll know your partner’s preferences. But if it’s not the case, you better play safe and buy her lingerie more aligned with what she already has. It can be an “upgraded” version of what she usually wears. But don’t take bold risks, unless you’re sure.

Be more attentive to what she wears and her reactions when she sees a certain type of lingerie.

For example, when my partner and I were once browsing on the internet about fetish clothing (for an event we want to go to), he learned how much I love corsets. So, for Christmas, he bought me an incredible one. I was so happy with it!

My point being: if you aren’t sure of what your gal likes, be creative and find it out, even if you have to do lingerie window-shopping with her.

Also, pay attention to what parts her lingerie usually covers or reveals — that’s a major indicator of what she feel’s comfortable with.

Even if she’s very conscious about a part of her body that happens to be one of your favourites, don’t go and by a set of lingerie that exposes it, when clearly she never does.

To get there — for her to be full acceptant of her body — , you need to do some work first (discreetly, like giving her sincere and objective compliments.)

Don’t take the risk of buying her something she would feel uncomfortable with.

Buying the right size of lingerie will be, obviously, a big deal.

If you don’t know her size, be adventurous and secretly go to her lingerie drawer to check the labels. Some pieces might have the sizes labelled as S, L, XL and so on. This does not serve you.

You have to dig into your research and find her bra cup and her number for panties, so you can buy the lingerie that better serves her body type.

Also, go to her wardrobe and take the number of her dresses. Depending on what you want to buy, this might come in handy.

As on the point above, unless you just recently started to date her, you will know what lingerie style(s) your girl is into.

Does she exclusively wear cotton underwear, or she’s a lace gal? Did she ever wear matching sets of a bra, panties and a suspender belt? Did she show any indicator she would like to wear it?

I’m very easy to buy lingerie for, however, I don’t like “cute” things or animal patterns. If my partner turned up one day with one of those, I’d laugh my lungs out.

If it was a fantasy he had and we had previously discussed it, I’d try to incarnate the role, but with no promises. Cuteness and tiger patterns don’t make my sensuality emerge.

I understand you might have a fantasy you’d like to fulfil with your partner, where she dresses up all in latex, for example. Unless you’re sure she would be comfortable and seductive in it, there’s no point in offering her that. It will ruin the mood and arise in disappointments.

The diversity of lingerie is immense. I’m sure you can find something your partner will like and will make you happy.

If you dream higher — meaning, you want her to dress in a different style she’s used to — , there’s no other way than to sit down and talk to her about your desires.

Maybe you can agree in choosing the lingerie together, finding a middle ground, where you both are happy.

You have several options of material to choose from.

My suggestion is to take the cotton out of your list. It’s very comfortable, but it’s a day-to-day type of underwear, not one to feel seductive in.

The advice I’ve been giving to you apply here as well: consider her preferences.

As much as you’d love to see your woman dressed in leather or latex, if she never gave you indications she would like it, don’t risk it. Build-up your way to it.

From my experience, lace, satin and silk are always good options. They make beautiful, sensual, feminine pieces of lingerie. Going with these materials it’s a safe choice.

For me, this is not a very important point to consider, but for many women, it might be. For example, I don’t like pink, but if the lingerie is “the right one”, I might love it.

Some women feel that red lingerie can be “too much” for them; others only like black or nude. Some only feel sexy in animal patterns, others only spice their naughty side wearing cute, pink lingerie.

It always comes down to this: do your research.

If after collecting all the information you need to buy your woman a set of lingerie that she will love, you’re still struggling, there’s only one option: ask for her help.

I know the point might have been to surprise her, but my take is that it’s better to kill the surprise than to give her something she will refuse to wear, and that has the potential of hurting her self-image.

When buying lingerie for her, do it all about her. You might throw your desires and fantasies into the mix, but don’t get too excited. She’s the one who’s going to wear it, so it’s only fair that she has priority in the terms.

Buying her the right set of lingerie will make her feel sexy and sexually empowered. And that, my friend, will make her release her inner desires.

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Emma London

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Emma London writes

Stories about sex, love, relationships and Emma London’s kinks

Emma London

Written by

Writing on Sex and Relationships . Freelancer Email: | Buy me a coffee:

Emma London writes

Stories about sex, love, relationships and Emma London’s kinks

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