How to Choose Lingerie That Will Empower Your Sexual Self

Seductive lingerie can do wonders for female sexuality

Emma London
Dec 30, 2020 · 6 min read
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Image by Dr-MasterMind from Pixabay

When a woman wants to feel sexier, usually she will focus on her looks. That will include — and often it’s the key element — her lingerie.

Lingerie is the best way to help a woman stimulate her seductive mood.

I love lingerie, and I have the habit of buying new every time a celebration is due.

I buy sexy lingerie for my partner’s and my own birthday, for our anniversary’s, for Christmas (this year I was a hot, naughty Mrs Claus); to celebrate a new job or the beginning of holidays. Anything is a good reason to buy and use new lingerie.

I use sexy lingerie often. It makes me feel sexy and desirable. Even if only for my eyes.

There is an immense offer of lingerie, and sometimes it’s difficult to choose one that fits you better, or that will boost your self-confidence. But before I advance on the topic, I want to make this clear:

Any type of body is a sexy type

Every woman is beautiful and desirable, no matter her body shape, weight or her fitness level.

Your body is unique and because of that, remarkable. Self-confidence is the most attractive traits one can have — you should love and own your body as it is.

Sexiness emerges from self-worth.

Now that we have no doubts that any woman will look extremely sexy in lingerie, let's browse through the different styles so you can choose one (or more).

Adopt your own style

You’ll be more comfortable and confident if you’re using lingerie that you relate with.

For me, it’s lace bodies, and bra and thong with suspender belt sets. And recently I fell in love with corsets.

You might like babydolls or chemises, or cute pink lingerie. Whatever will make you feel comfortable and will allow you to reveal your sensuality, is the style you should adopt.

You don’t have to stick with it all the time, you can vary! I’m sure your partner will appreciate the surprise, and you will enjoy trying with different things.

How to choose lingerie that will empower your sexual self

There are several things you should consider when choosing new lingerie, like the style, colour and patterns. Also, you need to consider what type of lingerie will make you at ease wearing it.

We all have some bits of our body that we feel better if they are not completely exposed; the same way we have parts we are proud to show off.

The perfect outcome is for you to choose lingerie that will enhance your attributes and will make you feel sexually empowered.

When buying lingerie, think about the parts of your body you prefer. Then, choose a set that will intensify it.

I love my waistline, so I buy more bodies than anything else (I love my cut-off bodies.) On Christmas, my partner gave me a corset, and I fell so much in love with it! I’m amazed by how I look on it, so from now on, corsets will be part of my lingerie collection.

On the downside, I’m not a fan of my belly, so I’m not so comfortable in using a set of bra and knickers without a suspender belt.

When choosing your lingerie, focus on your strong assets — enhance them.

It can be with a push-up bra if you want to appeal for your breasts or sexy stockings if you have stunning legs.

There is no right or wrong choice: there’s your choice. It’s how you’ll use the lingerie that will matter the most. Make sure you buy one you feel comfortable and desirable.

What types of lingerie can you choose from?

You have many options at your disposal. You can adopt a unique style or try several. There’s no reason for you to stick with one style only.

Here are some options for you:

Most women have in their underwear drawer sets of bra and panties. But we’re not talking about day-to-day lingerie — we’re talking about seductive lingerie.

It’s important to highlight that you don’t have to set a seductive mood only if you going to have sex or to meet someone. You can — and you should — feel sexy for yourself.

A set of a beautiful bra and underwear will bring your sensuality to the surface.

It being laced or satin, both are excellent options. A less popular one, but equally sexy is latex (which is on my list to buy).

You will find both the bras and the underwear in many styles. The offer is immense for you to explore.

Another option is to add a set of stockings, which can be complemented with a suspender belt (I’m a sucker for those, women look so, so sexy!)

The suspender belt is wrapped around your waist, made of the same material than the set. They have hanging clips for you to attach the stockings.

Whatever your choice is, for sure you will look beautiful and seductive.

The world became a more beautiful place when women started to use bodies.

Bodies are an all-in-one piece; you don’t have to match anything to it (except if it has suspenders attached, then you’ll add stockings to your sexy look).

No matter your body shape, you will always find a body that will look great on you. You can choose one that enhances your upper body or one that focuses on your waist, or bottom.

Like the matching sets, there’s an immense variety of styles and materials available. Regardless of your choice, your curves will be elegantly and beautifully dressed.

A corset is a fitting undergarment that extends from the chest (or sits below it) to your hips, and it usually laces up in the back.

Because of its shape, a corset pushes up your bust and shapes your waist — it defines your silhouette with elegance.

I am on my knees with corsets; I love how my body looks on it.

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Image of and by the author, Emma London

My partner offered me this one and, trust me, it’s the first of many!

This piece isn’t exclusively a lingerie piece— as you can see on my photo, my corset is perfectly acceptable to be used as regular clothing (which I intend to do, of course.)

A babydoll is another option when choosing seductive lingerie. It can be revealing but also leaves a lot to your partner’s imagination.

A babydoll is a delicate dress; in silk or lace. They are very seductive.

This piece of underwear is excellent for women who don’t feel comfortable in tighter lingerie. As it’s a loose set, you can camouflage the parts of your body you feel vulnerable in exposing.

My last suggestion is a toe-to-neck piece of lingerie, commonly made of delicate lace or fishnet.

Bodystockings will wrap your entire body, they will stretch to fit your measurements

They can be sleeveless or have long-sleeves; they can be fully closed or crotchless. Whatever its model, it’s always a revealing piece (except if made by latex, but those are usually used with a kinky purpose.)

Fantasy: fantasy lingerie is great for role-playing. You can “become” a nurse, a naughty maid, a Disney character. You can be whoever you want — I’m sure you’ll find the right lingerie for your outfit.

Edible underwear: Made with candy, this lingerie is sexy, fun and delicious. You can find bras, thongs, g-strings, pouches, and nipple tassels.

Take away

Sexy lingerie is for everybody, and it can be used to seduce your partner or to be used on your own, to give yourself a boost of sexiness.

The right piece of lingerie is the one that will make you feel comfortable in your body, and allow you to release your inner seductive side.

The truth is, no matter that type of lingerie you choose, your confidence and female empowerment will be immediately boosted!

Emma London writes

“Ordinary life does not interest me” — Anais Nin

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