Will I get to my meeting on time?!

If you are like me and spend a lot of time meeting different people in different places then you will probably share the same challenge: allowing enough time to get to your next meeting.

Our CEO trying to organise his day.

If you are like me then you have probably made a mistake or something unexpected has happened that meant that you were late for your next meeting.

Sorry I am late. I … [ did not allow enough travel time | did not plan any travel time | forgot to book travel | did not know that I could have used another transport mode ]

After one of our team experienced a major travel schedule mishap we decided ‘that’s it, lets do something about this‘. We did some further research and concluded that it is a common problem. We started out on a mission to fix it, once and for all.

We have created Emma.ai, your virtual travel assistant.

Emma connects to your digital calendar and automatically adds travel time for your meetings across a range of transport modes. Emma learns how you like to travel. Emma learns if you need to travel at all. Emma warns you of potential travel conflicts.

The ultimate UI is no UI so we designed Emma to help you with the lowest impact on your normal working day as possible. Emma works alongside your existing calendar applications and can even work in collaboration with other virtual assistant products, such as x.ai for meeting scheduling.

If you are interested please sign up for the open beta, which is currently launched in the UK (further country support to come!). We are starting by giving you the basic functionality (and perfecting that first) before we move on to delivering some amazing features that we believe will add tremendous value to your working day.

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