We are extremely happy to announce that we were just published as #1 ICO in TOP ICOs OF APRIL!

Taja Oremuž
Apr 11, 2018 · 2 min read

Published by The coinshark:

EMMARES is unique project in Crypto space with global impact on the area of the email. Combat spam is only one of the great benefits of the system, which is generating digital reputation of email marketers trough mass evaluations.
The system generates great possibilities for smart content connection and unseen new possibilities for marketers to find new targeted and interested public.

»We strongly believe that EMMARES is “the next big thing” and joining EMMARES now reminds me joining Google in early days.«

Don’t miss special bonuses, join our private pre-sale and get your EMA tokens HERE.

Just to refresh your memory, this is how EMMARES process works:

  1. Email Marketer sends a mailing to their target audience
  2. Email Users/Recipients read and rate the mailing and
  3. in return they get EMA tokens from the rewarding pool (the reward — EMA tokens — does not depend on what scores they give. Users get tokens if they rate the content as good or bad. This is to set to prevent fraudulent ratings and encourages Email Users to be honest).


Email marketing rewarding system based on decentralised…

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