EMMARES is — once again — #1 ICO of the week, chosen by the readers!

Another amazing news!

EMMARES was once AGAIN voted as a TOP ICO of the week. And this one really means a great deal to us since it is a result of your voting!

This is a great confirmation of our hard work during the last few months and we are happy and thankful to see that you acknowledge that!

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EMMARES is connecting high-quality email content with interested recipients. Encouraging better quality content, lower frequency, and fair content evaluation, EMMARES brings new value, an expanded audience for email marketers and less spam with only desired content for recipients. EMMARES — Email Marketing Rewarding System is an evaluation system that highly benefits email marketers (senders) as well as email recipients (all email users).
As EMMARES reports, stage one tokens are sold out, and almost 80% of stage two tokens are sold out too. Great result!