Email marketing reputation system — How to make your promotional email marketing campaign and get on the global digital reputation directory.

Taja Oremuž
Jun 13, 2018 · 8 min read

EMMARES MVP is offering to all email content providers a possibility to build their initial reputation rating and make them searchable through the content directory.

Benefits of the digital reputation rating:

- Better engagement of the recipients of your email content
- Feedback about the quality perception in the eyes of your recipients
- Creation of digital reputation score and appearance on the content directory
- When on the content directory, customers can easy search and opt in to your
content if they want
- No need for extensive advertising budget
- Establish yourself as a top-rated content provider and gain more audience

EMMARES has only positive outcomes for marketers and for recipients. The system does not send any emails, does not collect or share your email addresses or database. It is not an alternative to your existing Email ESP system (such as SquizMAIL, MailChimp, Getresponse… or Gmail, Exchange).

EMMARES gives you a special snippet code for your footer, which enables rating of the content quality for your recipients.

We’ve made a step by step guide for you to see how easy it is to set up the campaign and get the fair evaluation scores from your audience.

Signing up / login to the system

There are two ways to enter EMMARES system.

1. You can go to EMMARES.COM and open an account.
2. The other way would be when you do your first content rating for someone
who already uses EMMARES and your first rating will lead you to the dashboard, where you can see your collected rewards.

The first visit to EMMARES portal will begin with signing up to the EMMARES portal.

After pressing sign up button you will have to open the account as usual in any portal.

At the bottom, you have two options:
a) Select marketer and you will have access to both — marketer view and recipient portal.


b) The recipient is intended only for those, who are not marketers and will only collect their rewards from content evaluation or browse through available contents.

There are two sections of the portal: for marketers and for recipients. Part for Marketers is used for setting up parameters of the campaign, set the reward budget and to get a rating footer code for your email campaign. And Part for Recipients is used for checking rewards you collected in exchange for evaluation senders content. You can switch between them with a button located under your image and account name.

At the recipient part of the portal is also a “My Content” page, which is a search directory and your personal dashboard about the contents available.

Marketer sign-up

After a successful login, you will be transferred to the Campaigns screen. That will be one of yours go-to screens as it will contain all your past and currently active campaigns details. Currently, as a new user (this will be your first campaign), you have only one option available here, and it is to a create a new campaign (Button “New Campaign”).

Before you create a new campaign, there are a few things you need to do. Let us take a quick look at other available screens inside EMMARES app.

Let’s go to Account Settings first. Here you can manage your account details.

You can change your password, change your profile image and manage your Ether Wallet address. The first name, last name and registered email address are locked and cannot be changed. Since you are already here, let’s build up your profile and make it ready for your first campaign.

Enter your Ether wallet address, change your profile image, enter a Provider friendly name (that will be later displayed in the search directory) and click on “Update” button to save changes. That’s it. Your account is ready.

Now let’s continue a tour by taking a quick look at the “Analytics” screen. Since you have not yet created any campaigns, this screen is currently empty, there’s no data. But when you’ll start using EMMARES, you will be able to monitor your EMA balance, reward pool status, rating statistics and much more.

Getting virtual budget in MVP

One more thing before we create your first campaign. No matter where you are located inside EMMARES application, you can always see current EMA token price in USD. The exchange rate can be visible in the top right corner. Right next to “Buy/Sell EMA” button.

Creating your first campaign

Now, that you know where everything is, let’s go back to campaign screen and create your first campaign. Before that let us give you a free 100 Virtual EMA tokens to get you started. Click at “Buy/Sell EMA” button. You should get a notification saying “Your EMA balance has been increased by 100 tokens. Enjoy!”. You can check your balance in “Analytics” under “Your balance” section.

P.S. In MVP tokens are virtual and are not withdrawable for recipients. A marketer can generate them by clicking on the “Buy EMA” button and system adds 100 Virtual EMA tokens for use in the MVP only. After beta of the final product, tokens will be withdrawable and real EMA will be used in the platform. The initial reputation score will remain in the final product which means, that MVP is an ideal free way to get your initial reputation score and gain a new audience as a marketer.

It’s time to create a new campaign. Click on the “New campaign” button. It will open a New Campaign screen and give you the opportunity to define your first EMMARES campaign.

First, you will need to name your campaign. Make sure you use descriptive names for your campaigns. Field “Provider” is pre-filed and cannot be changed here (you can change it in account settings). Then you need to define campaign field of interest, region, and content type based on best fit from provided values. Make sure you select fields that are relevant to your content and best describe it.

Next, you need to specify a recipient number. ‘A number of recipients’ data is informative about how many recipients you’re sending your content to.

Great, you are almost done.

You just need to specify your rewarding budget. Based on a recipient number you have entered prior to this, EMMARES calculates the optimal rewarding budget in EMA tokens and suggests it to you. We advise you to enter budget that is near this suggested value to make sure you achieve the best results possible.

You are doing fantastic.

Next, you have to fill out 2 very important fields. They are “Opt-in” link and “Opt-out” link. Here you need to enter an URL link to your existing landing page for the Opt-in process to your content (usually landing page on your Web site, where you are collecting Email opt-ins for your content). The same goes for the opt-out link.

If you don’t have Opt-in and Opt-out landing page, you can make them free at various ESP providers. Here is one example, where you can open a free account and generate them. www.squizmail.com — open a free account and generate landing page for opt in and opt out process and copy links back to EMMARES Campaign definition.

As an option, you can collect opt-ins and opt-outs to your content also to the CSV file and import them into your existing system.

Click on “Save/Show snippet” button to get an HTML code for your email campaign. EMMARES will generate and show you a snippet code. Now you simply need to copy and paste it into your Email template. We advise you to put it somewhere at the end or just above email footer section.

You have two versions of the rating footer code:

- HTML version to use it in your HTML Editor (for example Mail Chimp Email editor or other HTML page editors). You copy the code and past it to the bottom of your mailing.

- If you use email systems without HTML editor, you can just select the image of the rating footer and copy/paste it into your Gmail or exchange email.

That’s all! As simple as that.

Now you just need to send your Email template (Email marketing campaign) by using your ESP provider (SquizMAIL, MailChimp, Etc.) to your recipients. They will have the chance to evaluate your content with one click in exchange for EMA tokens from your reward pool.

And of course, make sure you check from time to time how your campaign is doing. You can see campaign settings for a specific campaign in “Campaigns” section and its results in “Analytics” section of your EMMARES account. You will see the new subscriptions to your content at YOUR original landing page entrances, as EMMARES system leads new requests of new customers to your original landing page for opt-in.

With your reputation score, you will be visible in the search directory for a specific content field of interest and you can get new subscribers to YOUR landing page directly. If you had specially generated landing pages (for example you didn’t have your existing landing page for opt-in) then you will be able to export new subscribers form your ESP system, where you generated a landing page for opt-in and opt-out.

All that remains for you now is to log out.

Until next time.


Email marketing rewarding system based on decentralised…

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