IN-DEPTH EXPLANATION: The most frequently asked questions of the past week

Taja Oremuž
May 16, 2018 · 4 min read

We noticed your interest in our content lately and we are extremely happy that you are asking in-depth questions, where we can see that a lot of you did your homework and have read our documents carefully.


Here are a few key points we’d like to explain in detail:

1. Does EMMARES enable marketers to get a new, expanded email contact list?
Shortly said, NO. EMMARES encourages marketers to create good content in order to get TOP rated. Why? Because those marketers who will be TOP rated, or trending in particular week etc. will have much higher chances that more users will subscribe to their content. Either by the topic, area of work or just because they will have such high rating that they will be ‘trending at that time’. EMMARES does not share any email addresses, does not send any emails and does not add users by itself. It is fully compliant to GDPR and other laws and regulations.

2. How will marketers include EMMARES in their mailings? Is it obligatory to use a specific ESP provider? Do they have to send mailings only through EMMARES platform?
EMMARES is not a competitor to ESPs that are out there on the market. Also in order for marketers to be rated and included in EMMARES system, they WILL NOT have to use any specific ESP provider and this means they can use the same one they were using up until now. EMMARES does not mean you will get more EMMARES ads, it is simply a footer that will be included in marketers email (which they would be sending anyway) and enables users to rate the email content. So no changes in marketers form or content of the mailing.

3. If a marketers have to have their own email contact list, will they be asked to upload it to EMMARES platform? Isn’t that a bit sneaky? Why would anyone want to share the contact list, and in the end make ti possible for competitors to use it?
This perception is entirely false. First of all, marketers will not be asked to upload their contact list to EMMARES platform as this would not make any sense. Since marketers will be using the same ESP as they did before, they already have their contact list imported there so there is no use to import it also to EMMARES. EMMARES will just increase their(marketers) visibility in the system and therefore more interested users will be able to opt-in to their content. So no worries marketers, what’s yours will stay yours ;).
With different words: EMMARES will make email marketing content searchable and rated. As such will be available to users to search, try or opt-in to the content, which they will choose. For Marketers that means a great expansion of their visibility (trough content directory new users will be able to opt-in to their content).

4. From a marketers point of view: is the rewarding pool budget in correlation with the number of content recipients?
Yes and no. It is an ongoing circle. Since marketers provide the budget for EMMARES rewarding pool, in a way they decide, how many users who will rate their content will receive EMA tokens. Users receive EMA tokens regardless of their rating (good or bad). And it makes sense that the more users that are able to receive EMA tokens, the more users will rate the content. Users can rate the content even if the budget runs out but we predict that the interest will be much lower. There will be a minimum recommendation, which is calculated as statistical sufficient volume out of all of the sent volume. If someone will decide to lower the rewarding pool budget under statistically suggested volume, the score will be corrected by mathematical statistical error (described in the whitepaper).

5. From email recipient/users point of view: Can I convert EMA tokens to fiat, without buying any products in EMMARES marketplace? How can they use tokens during the time when EMMARES marketplace will not active yet?
Of course, you can use your EMA tokens to change them for other tokens (on exchange) or fiat regardless if you buy anything in EMMARES marketplace. This is just an upgrade since we want to offer users as many different possibilities as possible when talking about EMA tokens usage.
In the meantime, when EMMARES marketplace is not available yet, they can:
1. Exchange tokens with marketers or
2. Use them for their own rewarding pool
3. Use it for partner services (ESP packages, etc)

6. How can you say that EMMARES will be fighting spam? Isn’t all the promotional content we will be receiving from EMMARES also some kind of spam?
This is again a misunderstanding since EMMARES will NOT be sending any content to users. Basically what it means is just a rating footer that your regular sender and sender that you will choose based on your interests, will add to their mailing. EMMARES DOES NOT produce or send any emails.

7. Is EMMARES GDPR compliant and how (if so) does this affect the marketer?
EMMARES is GDPR compliant as it is the directory of public contents rated by the users. EMMARES does not share, send or anyhow actively make additional traffic. Opt-in is done directly between interested recipient and content provider (marketer) and EMMARES does not take part in this opt-in process. For an interested user, it is easy and transparent to choose appropriate contents from reputation directory.
Gains in the audience are purely organic, as interested users can opt-in to the content, which they find useful in the content directory.
Other things like data security, etc, are just the same as with all other applications.

We hope this cleared these questions for you and we will publish another article with popular questions again soon, so stay in touch!


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