A new video, explaining why EMMARES is going to change the Email world as we know it today

Taja Oremuž
Jan 23, 2018 · 2 min read

VIDEO: http://bit.ly/EMMARESvideo

Emmares, short for email marketing rewarding system, is a platform with integrated blockchain technology connecting first-class content to interested recipients. While email marketers build their reputation and reach by sending high-quality content, users evaluate their emails and in return receive tokens from the rewarding pool.
VIDEO: http://bit.ly/EMMARESvideo

EMMARES is going to start a new golden age of email marketing. The goal is for email marketing to represent trust and quality in people’s minds.

By signing up to EMMARES system, email MARKETERS get a chance to reach more targeted customers that are interested in their content. As they are sending content that is well accepted by their recipients, they get a chance to use EMMARES system for expanding their reach and work toward better results and higher ROI.
They invest in the rewarding pool, which is a base for rewarding EMMARES users (Email recipients), who evaluate their content.

In return for evaluating the content that they receive from various email marketers (senders), the recipients get tokens from the rewards pool. For each assessment, the email recipient (user) receives tokens from the email marketer whose content was evaluated.

EMMARES Bitcoin talk announcement is available here.

You can also subscribe to EMMARES newsletter and receive all the important info about pre-sale and crowdsale.

Additional data about EMMARES project — WHITEPAPER.




Email marketing rewarding system based on decentralised…

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