Project EMMARES solves dreams of email marketers and email recipients

Bojan Oremuž
Jan 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Digital marketing is all around us and we can hardly imagine today’s business world without tools of social and digital marketing.

But one area in digital segment seems to be untouched. Email was one of the first digital marketing media, but it remained the same for decades. And there is a reason, why.

In search marketing, social media marketing and content marketing we have the option of advertising. Email stayed out of that sphere and is the only digital media without the advertising model. And that is a good thing, taking into the account that we still didn’t manage to find effective enough model to avoid spamming.

Today many of other advertising and social media models have the goal of getting new targeted email contacts. That makes Email marketing one of the most effective media with nearly 4000% ROI.

Cost of one targeted opt-in email is approximately 150$. That is not a small cost if we have to communicate with a bigger target group.

In the past, many of “marketers” chose the easy way — sending Email blasts to public lists or even worse, buying lists (which not to mention is illegal in many countries). That is an obvious reason, why many of us hate spam. If we would combine common advertising with Email, that would represent an even bigger problem. So what can we do, to expand our contact lists and at the same time avoid unlikely cases of email abusing?

And here we are… Email has stayed the same for decades and looks like it will remain the same forever, right? Except that EMMARES project is aiming to change everything! It is not an advertising model, but it enables many of the things, which are currently a pipe dream of email marketers AND email recipients. So, how could this be a win-win situation for both you may ask?
EMMARES enables evaluating the quality of the content of sent email campaigns. Evaluators are mail recipients and for evaluating received emails, they are rewarded with EMA tokens. Recipients can apply for their favorite interests and system proposes the best content providers. If the match/combination is accepted by the recipient, he will get the best providers content and email marketers will get the possibility to send their content to exactly targeted and interested recipients. If the quality of a certain content provider (email marketer) drops, the system can provide a better one.

EMMARES system cancels out the need of spam filtering since spam will be deprivileged in the system. Recipients will have better value and less spammy emails, recipients will have more targeted customers and the cost of new Email targeted customer will be radically minimized.

YouTube video:

The system is designed as a decentralized system, based on Ethereum Blockchain and will be available to everyone. The only cost is the rewarding pool, which is provided by the content providers for each mailing campaign, to provide adequate rewards for content quality evaluators.

Project ICO information is available on the project site


Telegram group:

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