What is happening with Crypto ?

Bojan Oremuž
Mar 13, 2018 · 3 min read

Written by EMMARES CEO Bojan Oremuž

ICOs, exchanges, regulations, scams,… we are hearing those terms everywhere we turn. Recently I saw an article predicting the end of permissionless blockchains. I was not surprised, that it was written by an IBM partner. Countries are competing which one will become more Crypto friendly. Others are competing how to ban Crypto. But all those actions mean, that everybody in one way or another accepted crypto as a fact and it will sooner or later be adopted everywhere.
EMMARES represents an innovative project with the potential to alter the digital scene.

EMMARES represents innovative project with potential to alter digital scene

The number of scams and frauds in Crypto is really terrifying. But that is the price of decentralization, deregulation and other visionary ideas, which in real life have their pros and cons. The situation we are living in now is probably an era, which will be remembered as a time of the decision. We all know, that Crypto as it is now, won’t be able to scale to real-world needs. Also, security of operations, inability to return obvious frauds and unstable teams which are not able to get the consensus about basic decisions, are premature illnesses, which will have to be solved if we want to establish stable and trusted Crypto world.

What happened to ICOs

Initial Coin Offerings became the major source of financing new projects. With no pre-selection, also this area is open and unregulated and this means everybody must do their due diligence, and read carefully what exactly does each ICO offer.

A curve of sentiment in ICO is changing once a month. It goes from extremely positive to utterly negative. Investors expecting 1000% profit just by entering exchanges are disappointed by 50% loss. Such things are influencing sentiment drastically. Too drastically in my opinion.

Operation of a new exchange, which is currently listing tokens even before ICO is over, has caused strange side effects. During ICOs, early investors are selling their tokens which were bought with certain bonuses and actions like this result in dumping ICO prices and lowers the whole exchange price, even during the ICO process. Such actions had a big influence on the current state of ICO process.

Selecting good projects will still be the most important part of due diligence and just the best projects will have a future on the market. Past statistics show that only the best survive. Investors will have to think more long-term and be less impulsive.
Does this look like the market is growing up? It sure looks like it to me. And growing up is not a bad thing. Forget about irrational profits in a day and prepare for a normal profitable world.

Bojan Oremuz is founder of EMMARES — email marketing (r)evolution (emmares.io) and adviser of Vestarin — united marketplace (vestarin.io).


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