The Bits In Between

That time of year has rolled around again where the pull to meditate on the past 12 months in a melancholy pit of self-reflection becomes irresistible, for me at least.

I’ve been thinking about the different places I’ve been, the new friends I’ve made, the little achievements I’ve accomplished and the big lessons I’ve learned. The highs and the lows.

Yet the more I thought about it and the ways in which I’ve grown over the past year I came to realise that it wasn’t when I was at my highest or my lowest when I really grew. At my highest I was too busy enjoying the moment, riding the high (so to speak). At my lowest, well, I’d hardly call crying into my pillow (all snotty nosed) character building, despite how necessary and inescapable it felt during those times.

It’s not really about the highs and lows but all the bits in between. It’s the come down after reaching that goal, getting that rise, having the best time with your friends on birthdays and snow days. Then it’s the climb up out of the lows day by day and step by step that really shapes us. Mostly it’s the plateau of life in it’s beautiful everyday-ness that forms our lives and crafts our souls.

When we tend to think of life as a highlight real,or an Instagram feed, we lose the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of everyday life in all it’s repetitive glory.

And it’s not to downplay the best bits, or indeed the worst parts; the losses and hardships that become pivotal moments that can form building blocks of our lives. Yet, if those are the bricks that make us then the every day ordinariness is the cement that holds us all together.

Because as much as we would all like to think our lives are extraordinary and might one day make it to the big screen (Rachel McAdams would play me, jus’ sayin’) most of our lives are extremely ordinary. We rise, we work, we eat, we socialise (on the good days)and we sleep. A lot of our days are the same and this can bring both comfort and frustration at times.

I’m hoping to see God more in the everyday and ordinary parts of my life as well as the highs and lows, and I think reflecting on the bits in between may just be the perfect starting point.