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If we look back to our history, us human beings love spectating violents, and most of us cheer the living shit out of it; we’re animals okay just deal with it. WWE a.k.a Rassleing with bright lights vs UFC a.k.a MMA with bright lights. Both of them have lots of things in common such as bright lights, TV series, merchandise, sponsors and “Fighter” who can “fight” while talking shit. Each of them have their own unique stars, each of them reached main stream popularity for the vast majority of people who have high interest in athleticism for entertainment, yes those two words can go together. However there are some people/fans that oppose one another, some like the fact that its all part of entertainment and some have a very ruthless aggression that wants to see a legit beat down. How can we tell if you like Pro Wrestling or Mix Martial Arts.


UFC and WWE does a lot of business connections, trying to gain revenue for advertising other company’s product in order to manage their budget for each show. Pay the employees, pay the stage settings, pay media exposure. Its a lot of steps, so be grateful that both companies does ther best to deviler a show to you. Merchandise and found raising are also a big portion of money making but not gonna go in details about them its pretty self explanatory how business works. Meet the person you know thats going to give me you money for your show, be nice to them, shake hands, make deals, profit.


Not alot of fans has no clue what goes backstage, People who are assign to be the leader of the company have a high responsibility to keep the work nice and neat, but sometime the company choose people that are not worthy to have a high position or held the position too long where they’ve become outdated.

UFC has no problem with this, Dana White the president of UFC knows what he’s doing, searching for great fighters, making successful promotion deals, while keeping things professional as possible for more business connections.

WWE on the other hand is held by their chairman Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon DAMNIT, sorry. Vinney-Mac himself shared his time being on stage and back stage, it has been reported countless time that Vince Mcmahon is bat-shit crazy when you piss him off, cross the boss and he will make your life a living hell from what wrestlers answered in their interview about him, such as Triple H, Prince Albert, Ric Flair, Hogan, theres a long list of them with the same answer. A Scary man indeed, but a brilliant, possible smarter than Dana White to know whats best for business even when people like it or not. Leaving most employees dissatisfied.


UFC fans will say they like “Big Boy Fight” meaning the real shit, no setup, no holds bars, full out brawling until somone gets knockedout or bleed like a mofo. WWE fans prefer plays, but involves charisma. UFC rarely has that with their stars, but WWE’s talents are train to know what to say on the mic. If you compare Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson against Conor McGregor, Conor McGregor straight out talk shit, with no meaning to the point of his bickering, if he wins the fight. while The Rock points out facts to roast his opponent humiliating them on stage regardless if he won or lost the match.

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