More about EMood Will this hurt my reputation? Meh.

Right, let me just add this photo here just to make this article look like its important, which is not.

Okay, I’ll be straight forward for you EMood is going to be toxic place, I have my doubts its going to be the next big thing online but it will remain online as a cancer such as Buzzfeed. I’ll make this clear that this publication isn’t going to be taken serious, and young ignorant writers will practice their writing here if they choose instead of blogging it in Tumblr. I too am a clueless young man with now intention to become a legit writer but if theres a neat name that haven’t been official branded might as brand it, right? Its going to be a bumpy ride but I’ll take a chance to see how EMood over comes this. I’m just blabbering anything to make this article long as possible to read and to make up spaces for the homepage. Sorry not sorry, kill me, don’t, k bye.

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