Bonding Framework

a framework for building a relationship between the people you work with and a new design

What is it for?

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Emotion-Centered Design


What does it look like?

Participants’ State of Mind

Level of Complexity (1–5)

Time for Participation

Use Cases

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Image Description: Participant uses a bonding worksheet with three open spaces for them to name three physical attributes and describe how that attribute relates to their experience. The worksheet lists physical attributes for participants to pick from including color, texture, weight, transparency, luster, size, material, age, temperature, and depth.
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Image Description: A parent completes a bonding worksheet before they bring home their therapy object designed to remind them to practice specific therapy skills. In this case, the skill is ‘Labeled Praise.’ The worksheet has three spaces for a participant to name a color, shape, and attribute of their choosing that connects to their experience practicing the skill.

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A Lookbook for Emotion-Centered Design

tools and methods for understanding and designing for…

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