Future Report

an artifact for vision alignment

What is it for?

When it comes to planning and designing for the future, it can be challenging to pinpoint the impact desired in the future from the present perspective. Future Reports are a fake report that speculates on a possible future state. It helps teams from different departments and perspectives to align with coveted outcomes, experiences, and purpose of a project.

Emotion-Centered Design


It illustrates a speculative future and envisions long-term outcomes and goals.

What does it look like?

The strategist or team leader sets a timeframe — when is the future period being designed for? They create a final report as if they were in that future state. They choose any format that conveys their vision the best, whether it is on a website, in a magazine, or a commercial.

Participants’ State of Mind

imaginative, strategic

Level of Complexity (1–5)


Use Case

Image description: A printed report subtitled “2021 Speculative Report.” Matter-Mind Studio: Written Speculative Report projected to the year 2021.


Adapted to Matter–Mind Studio from THRIVING / a co-design lab

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