Inner Circle

a framework for uncovering priorities

What is it for?

It is a framework to help you see how you and others prioritize things, ideas, and tasks before making strategic decisions and delegating tasks.


Inner Circle helps a group of people to get to know each other and talk through what is important to each person and why.

What does it look like?

A worksheet with different shapes indicating people, places, things, moments in one’s life. Participants draw a diagram one shape at a time to show those components in relation to one another. Participants then look for discrepancies, similarities, and other details amongst their diagrams.

Participants’ State of Mind

reflective, open, expressive, surprise

Level of Complexity (1–5)


Use Cases

Image Description: A participant fills out Inner Circle Diagram. It lists instructions stating ““Mark ‘yourself’ with a triangle.” “Mark the most important person in your like with a square.” “Mark any two relatives with a circle.” “Mark your biggest aspirations with a bulls-eye.” “Mark your person life with diagonal lines.” “Mark your work life (career, job) with dots.” Next to these instructions is a circle where the participant has filled in their shapes in different sizes.
Image Description: Two participants simultaneously write on an ‘Inner Circle’ worksheet. Participants discuss how they focus on, sequence, and make sense of things. The discussion surfaces conflicting and complementary views.


Adapted to Matter–Mind Studio from the field of psychology. Shared with us by fellow researcher, Siri Betts-Sonstegard.

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