Metaphoric Metrics

a framework for evaluating qualitative objectives and values

What is it for?

Metrics are typically used to measure quantitative outcomes. How do we develop metrics when the parameters are qualitative and emotional ones? Metaphoric Metrics encourages a team of individuals to collectively check in with its values and goals. Using metaphors incorporates critical nuances into the way things are assessed.

Emotion-Centered Design


Metaphoric Metrics helps prompt candid discussions, clear up misalignments, and encourages collective, emotional check-ins.

What does it look like?

The team leader or project manager builds a measurement tool to check in with the objectives and values of the work they and their team are practicing. Metaphors are used to describe the scale to be graded against. It is used to see how results or ideas match up.

Participants’ State of Mind

reflective, strategic

Level of Complexity (1–5)


Use Case


Matter–Mind Studio

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