Poetic Condensations

a translation tool in the form of poetry

What is it for?


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Emotion-Centered Design

What does it look like?

Participants’ State of Mind

Level of Complexity (1–5)

Time for Participation

Use Case

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Image Description: Text, a paragraph-long excerpt of a transcription followed by two stanzas of a poem with the same content from the original transcription. Poetic Condensation by Helena Cleeve (formerly Kjellgren)
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Image Description: Left: Poem titled “Independence,” two stanzas long describing the story told by a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. Right: An illustration of a elder individual taking of a magenta cardigan, wearing one sock, and slippers in front of them. Poetic Condensation and illustration by Helena Cleeve (formerly Kjellgren)


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A Lookbook for Emotion-Centered Design

tools and methods for understanding and designing for…

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