Cheap but useful ways to improve your wellbeing

Summary: Writing thank you notes, collecting positive feedback or journaling are simple ways to feel better.

The following are very simple things you can do to improve your wellbeing. They can be used by pretty much anyone.

Write a thank you list

Just making a list can very rewarding and eye opening. Sending thank you notes might even get you some thanks too.

  • make a list of all people that have helped you since ever;
  • write specifically how they’ve helped you;
  • send each person in the list a very short thank you;
  • extra: consider a surprise for them.

Collect good notes about you — save them for rainy days

  • Save every notable positive feedback that you receive;
  • Read them when you feel down or discouraged;
  • Remember the time you’ve received good feedback and how it felt.

Keep a journal

Keep a journal to help you become more aware of how you feel and why. And after just a week you might notice benefits.

Any method for journaling is good. Here’s a few examples.

  • Mind flow — anything that happened during the day or week and how it made you feel;
  • Watch for emotions — what you become emotional about and how you react.
  • Things you’ve learned today or this week.
  • People or behaviours you admire and why.

Reflection time

Who are 3 people that have helped you recently? How did they help? Send them a message, they will surely appreciate it.

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