Activate your team?

Have you ever sought improvements in your teamwork? More trust? More alignment? More creativity? More productivity?

Have you, at the same time, run into unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and acting which have defeated your best efforts to make such improvements?

Does your teamwork seem too delicate, tricky, awkward, complicated, complex, inscrutable, confusing?

More bothersome, does your teamwork seem intractable, unmanageable, uncontrollable, difficult, demanding, troublesome, burdensome?

A solution is available. Emovera enables and supports stronger, deeper, richer, truer, faster teamwork.

Teams use Emovera to illuminate conscious and subconscious motivations regarding topics of interest and concern to team leaders, facilitators and members. Armed with these new insights and energies, teams use Emovera to reliably and routinely improve their conversations, decisions and collaborations.

The story below is how a team uses the Emovera app. A topic question was crafted, team responses were invited, results were reviewed by the team, and subsequent changes in team performance were then monitored.

How does your teamwork make you feel?

A team of 10 people individually responded to this question. This team and I would like to share a summary of its anonymous patterned results and takeaways with you.

Team Outlook - We are (negative or neutral or positive), and could be more positive.

Team Energy - We are (reflective or engaged), and could be more balanced.

Team Conscious Say - We say the topic makes us feel our familiar conscious emotion Contented secure.

Team Subconscious Seek - However, we more deeply, richly and truly seek fulfillment of our passion and aspiration to feel less of our heart-of-the-matter subconscious emotion Afraid hesitant regarding the topic.

Team SaySeek Guidance - If we are to feel less Afraid hesitant, and more attracted & assertive as the accompanying emotional guidance suggests, we must imagine a new way to think-feel-act.

Team SaySeek Next Step - To realize our natural potential for fulfillment sooner rather than later, a next step that we can take to think-feel-act in a new way regarding the topic is: collect information that we are missing.

Team SaySeek Assessment - We find this overall insight helpful and energizing. We feel inspired and motivated to become more who we are. Our path and horizon are more understandable to us!

The Emovera app is a communication tool that provides team leaders, facilitators and members with insights and energies to move forward in adaptive ways. The benefits are immediate and can be expected to extend over time.

More trust: A deeper, richer, truer reality is immediately evident. 
More alignment: More openness, rapport and empathy naturally follow.
More creativity: More focus, cooperation and collaboration are possible. 
More productivity: Stronger and faster conversations and decisions can occur.

Your team’s mission? Your team’s leadership? Your team’s creativity? Your team’s productivity? Your role on the team? Your team’s need to discuss the un-discussable? Emovera provides a reliable and routine way to move forward without wasting mental energy, time and often money. 
To use Emovera in your team, download the Emovera iOS app from the App Store when it becomes available in Spring 2016. 
To learn more about the use of Emovera’s vitality gauge and motivational springboard to improve teamwork, please contact with your feedback, comment or question.