How was the name Emovera chosen?

For every person who seeks a more natural and profound way to follow her or his authentic path in life, ‘a dot’ may not seem like much. ‘Moving a dot’ may only intrigue. ‘Discover Emotion’ became the first formal name of a new app being developed in the 1980’s long before ‘app’ became the popular term it is today. ‘Emotion Mining’ was coined at the outset of two decades of using the app for research and development in institutional settings. After beginning healthcare work in 2010, a name was needed to convey what the app does for personal decision makers, as well as professional decision makers. The newest name ‘Emovera’ was chosen after a creative vetting process. The word ‘Emovera’ is drawn from Latin and Romance language words, meaning ‘emotion, motivation, movement, to move out, to see, the truth, the future’. I can still be reached at or, but to move forward in your personal or professional life I invite you to send your question, comment or idea to or