What is the subconscious?

Perception can be described as occurring on four levels: conscious, preconscious, subconscious and unconscious. Conscious self-awareness dominates most definitions, considerations and treatments of the self, for mostly historical reasons. Preconscious truths merely require our attention to be shifted for us to add to our conscious self-awareness. Subconscious truths are more difficult to recognize and represent a deeper and richer realm of human experience than conscious self-awareness can fully grasp. Unconscious truths are impossible to recognize on one’s own, and even with expert attempts at interpretation are extremely difficult to raise to conscious self-awareness.

Freud said sleeping dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. Similarly, awake projections — simple freeform self-expressions made in response to ambiguous stimuli, which can be captured on screens designed to structure such unstructured information — are the royal road to the largely untapped realm of the subconscious. By the way, subconscious truths are more often personal truths than private truths. It is our subconscious truths that we are always struggling to express, articulate and share…to be understood and to be known for who we are.