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Every Child is a Multimedia Omnitomist

Kids! They’re the best, no? You know why? Because they explore things the way your maladaptations will never let you. Every child is expressive, creative, curious, engaged. And the oppressive systems we live in cut off those beautiful characteristics one-by-one. That’s what forms our personalities and inhibitions: our adaptations to power structures.

Kids are multimedia omnitomists. Omnitomy — what the heck is that? I made it up, baby! It means the dissection of everything. Omnitomy is when we look at all of existence like it’s one big complex puzzle. Kids want to understand and reinvent everything. I remember in my teaching job that there was a kid who asked “why do we have arms?” Well, what a good question, you expansive omnitomist! They’re for elbow appreciation day, of course! But for reals, who asks questions like that? Someone who’s infinitely curious, a child, one who sees the world as a true open-ended mystery. Omnitomy.

Okay, now to the multimedia part. Kids will express themselves however the heck they want. They don’t give a shix!! Tears, drool, keyboard tapping, paint, cartwheels — they don’t give a fuck!! Liberation! They’re naturally all about it. That’s why I don’t believe in adultification, the calcification of maladaptive social scripts. Fuck that! There is no end to personal growth. There is no end. Childhood forever, that’s all I have to say, and fuck streets where kids can be killed, what the heck?! Why do kids need to be constantly supervised? Because the world is not designed for them, for us. I’m a kid, and I want a free-ass world so I can play and grow and spin around without worrying about the cars and banks and cops, which are all just there to stifle me anyway, soooooo redesign everything, in an infinitely curious way! Collective liberation is the wildest imagination of all of us 7.125 billion children. See you in 2057. There will be candy.

We envision a voluntary world and are committed to helping you get there.

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Vanessa Molano

Vanessa Molano

Vanessa Molano is a philosophical entertainer, putting on shows about strange loops, social structures, and what makes life worth living. Empathematics.com

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