Empathy and Emotion

Thoughts, discussions, ideas, and posts relating to the recognition and sharing of personal feelings.

Thank You, Katy Perry

Dear Katy, thank you very much for the music that you create and share — especially the song “Firework.” You have profoundly made a difference in this humble Midwest house, as well as provided inspiration and joy into our lives in a way that is very difficult to describe.

I first drafted this article about a year ago. At the time it was just a random…

“I Love You…But Only If….”

The Transactional Nature of an Indian Man’s Love

I’m finding that there’s something extremely transactional in nature, about the Indian man’s love. Let me explain ‘transactional’. Indian men can be loving and supportive. They can be romantic, soulful, understanding, patient. They’re protective, chivalrous, generous even. They can be all…

Love Is Such An Effort These Days

I miss being in love. The feeling that saves you in the morning, one minute after you awaken into a mundane day. That stomach-clenching, gut-wrenching, breath-stopping, cliche-spewing sensation that surprises you often. That nervous, embarassing cloud that surrounds you and feels strangely good. I miss it.

The Gravity of Relationships

They hold us back, they define us

I saw the movie ‘Gravity’ this week. If you haven’t seen it already, I suggest you don’t read this post further. This isn’t a review but it may contain spoilers.

Watching Sandra Bullock free float in outer space for two hours made me think how much gravity limits as well as defines our…

What Do You Miss?

When you miss someone, you think of all that happened
And wonder,

Should I have said something then?
Should I have laughed openly at that? And raised hell over this?

It might have caused a fight, you realize, and say

That’s why I didn’t.

The Power of Gratitude

How being grateful changed me

I’m beginning this year by being grateful, everyday for everything. What is Gratitude? According to Wikipedia,

2014 Resolutions


Experiencing the first days of a brand-new year is an opportunity to reflect on the past, compare the achievements, contrast the mistakes, and use the knowledge to make the coming 12 months better than before.

I must admit: this post started off far different than the version you are reading now. I re-wrote it because it was…

The Green Monster

Jealousy is something we all experience, and it’s one of my favorite emotions.

It’s always great to see a friend happy. I love it when I hear that someone I care about is genuinely content with their life, accomplishments, and relationships. It goes back to the idea that seeing someone you love happy makes you happy.

8 Things Not To Say To Someone After Abortion

And what to say instead.

After I had an abortion, nobody knew what to say to me. Not even Larry, my therapist. Poor…


Positive side.

A lot of people believe that there is a positive side to everything. Along with that, a lot of people do not believe there is a positive side to everything. I believe there can be, according to our perspective, but that would mean there IS a positive side to everything.

Everyone has gone through a tough time. If you have not gone…

Live Live LOVEly Like

I have a fear of “doing things wrong,” not in the eyes of people, but in the eyes of God. I go day by day asking myself if this is morally right or not. I have come to realize though it is much easier to do what is right, than to avoid doing wrong.

How I spend my time, what I do, how I think, and what escapes my mouth are examples…

Love Never Fails

“God is love.”

God loves us. Some may question this, but it is truth. I have had many questions in the past, and still sometimes now; but God is not afraid to be questioned. He has the answers. I may stumble sometimes, but God always has me.

I have been a Christian my entire life. The weird thing was, it was not shoved down my throat. I…

The Age Of Outrospection

Why ‘adventurous empathy’ might be the most essential quality of civilisation.


Red Roses

I want to bathe in red roses. So all of my blood will blend in. So the thorns will give me pain that will distract me from my troubles.

Wish [Insert Name Here] A Happy Birthday

How I Created A Better Birthday in the Social Media Age

My birthday was coming up in 4 days when it hit me. Every…

Love Without Shame

Turning away hurts just as much as staring.

Sabrina, my daughter, was born with a very unique disability — a genetic birth defect, where her…

Empathy and Emotion
Empathy and Emotion

Thoughts, discussions, ideas, and posts relating to the recognition and sharing of personal feelings.

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