Bringing humanity back into healthcare

How empathy makes a massive impact in patient care

Spending over a week in the hospital when my son was born helped me realize the massive impact an empathetic nurse or doctor can have.

When a nurse or doctor walked into my room, I could tell within seconds if they were fully present — bringing humanity and dignity into our interaction, or if they saw me as a number — just one of their many to-dos before finishing their shift.

The difference was empathy.

The physicians who made the biggest positive impact were the ones who took time to listen and see the situation through my eyes. In those moments, we weren’t just a healthcare professional and a patient, we were first and foremost two human beings connected by our humanity.

It’s amazing to see how people like my friend Sam with Spark the Difference and organizations like Cleveland Clinic are bringing compassion and humanity back into healthcare.

Even if you’re not in healthcare, the following short videos from Cleveland Clinic are worth watching. Wherever we find ourselves, showing empathy makes a difference.

Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care [Cleveland Clinic]
Patients: Afraid and Vulnerable [Cleveland Clinic]
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