Letting our feelings show

I’ve written a couple times about feeling our feelings and embracing difficult emotions. But sometimes that’s really hard to do, despite knowing we should.

What are some healthy ways to release those emotions so we can process them?

I imagine it will look a little different for each person depending on the situation. But here are a few outlets to try when your emotions get stuck on the inside.

  • Journaling (Write the questions swirling in your head or the things you’re afraid to say aloud. Doesn’t matter if it makes sense — just write.)
  • Crying (Everyone — yes, everyone — needs a good cry on occasion. It’s not a sign of weakness.)
  • Chatting or venting to a close friend
  • Listening to music or making music if you sing / play an instrument (I’m continually amazed how music can help me voice my feelings when I can’t find the words.)
  • Working out (boxing, barre workout, yoga, lifting weights, cycling, running, etc.)
  • Meditating
  • Spending time alone (Getting out in nature — if that’s an option — can make your alone time even better.)
  • Baking (I love baking and find it helps me process subconsciously while focusing on something I enjoy.)