Riding the waves of life

Why we need community

The ebb and flow of life is inevitable, but we can choose our response.

We could give up and become the victim of our circumstances — a martyr of self-reliance. This might be the result of (accurately) realizing we can’t handle the situation ourselves. But instead of reaching out for help, we turn inward sinking deeper and deeper into hopeless despair.

Or we could ask for help when it feels like we’re drowning. It takes remarkable courage and humility to acknowledge, “I can’t deal with this by myself. Will you help me?” We might not even know what kind of help we need. And that’s okay. Being real about where we are and how we feel stuck is a significant first step to getting through the low parts of life.

There’s another critical aspect to that last response: community. I believe community is a group of people who 1) are doing (at least some aspect of) life together and 2) care deeply for each other. It’s having each others’ backs.

If we’re going to ride the waves of life and come out stronger, we need community. Who’s got your back? And perhaps more importantly, whose back do you have?

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