The Dream UI: A Magic Moments maker

Mimicking the world around us.

Isn’t it funny what we recall? How some memories become principal?

A real moment that inspire EmpathyBroker’s Instant motion results (see below)

When using the real world as a source of inspiration, the digital world is capable of creating principal memories or awakening moments.

Leaving aside VR and upcoming voice or gesture innovations, everyday devices are already filled with visuals that bring life to the otherwise flat screen. Rotations, motions and transitions emulate the physics of our world; a mimicking act of Design (-Mimesis, Plato-) that connects with the Human Being who seeks to realise the basic need of feeling.

UIs that emulate these aspects are very powerful because they are capable of creating surprising moments; Magic Moments that are in fact the mark of the Experience Economy (1999, Joseph Pine and James Gilmore).

The Magic Moment

Magic Moments are emotional connections that provoke an awakening and with it an identifier for the future.

These moments trigger a sudden focus that registers the event as beyond normality.

Like in real life Magic Moments can also be evoked through User Interfacing when pleasant experiences are designed in such a way they surprise given expectations.

Instant-Motion for eCommerce Search results ( powered by EmpathyLayer Universal Search UI.
Insights of eCommerce trends by ImagineYourData (The Now Visualisation for eCommerce).

When building UIs with the world as a model, beautiful, truthful and good experiences can be created.

Expressing the logic inside works when there is understanding of what the User seeks, which is nothing but to fulfil beyond function, in essence to feel emotion.

Every product we love we do so because it connected with us, because it altered our sense of reality, a contribution every Product Designer and Maker should dream and aspire for; a principle that sits at the very core of everything we do in EmpathyBroker.


Magic Moments are life post cards; our own true heritage, this is how important and valued these are. Aim for them and make it human.

Magic Moments by Perry Como with an unusual set of pictures composition by Glory7De GPV.
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