When Search becomes Alive

A Search Result is, ultimately, an inanimate thing, an object which can make you feel good or bad, but just that, a thing.

Now, when an inanimate object becomes animated, it lives, whether it’s because it moves, reshapes, flips or all of that in harmony, then, and only then, can Search become alive.

When Search is Alive then it’s much more likely to be a source of joy and pleasure rather than one of pain and frustration.

Whether we consider a Search Result adequate or relevant is a consideration that’s very personal and very particular to each of us.

This is why there’s no single set of results that is absolute in terms of relevancy for every user. That’s because the perception of relevancy is intricately associated and tied to our own ideas in our own unique experience.

However, when Search is brought to life through expression, design, aesthetics and style in combination with its core functioning, then we feel Search differently. It becomes something that exists, that is continuous, that is alive. Something that first surprises us, then makes us reflect, appreciate, change and perceive it through our emotive capacity.

In this light, Search is capable of opening the door to evoke a different feeling and a new way of thinking about it, so that we consider it more than just a thing, something we cannot just experience but can also relate to.

In essence, a Search Engine is a Mind, a Search Interface a Body. The mind is, and needs to be, conscious and aware of its body. When this realisation is achieved, then Search becomes Alive.