Mt. Olympus LinkedIn Updates

Because YOU are a God of Networking…

Because you’re a Titan of Networking (pics CCO by Pixabay)

Congratulate your connection Sisyphus on Third Millennium Work Anniversary. Rock on, Sisyphus!

Prometheus has accepted your LinkedIn invitation. Your profile is on fire!

Your are now connected with Pandora. See what unleashed evils you and Pandora have in common!

Narcissus still has not responded to your invitation to connect.

Narcissus would like you to add him to your LinkedIn network.

Your friend Odysseus has been imported from your contact lists. Odysseus appreciates your endorsements for dealing with monsters, sirens, sailing, and long journeys. Odysseus is still on travel leave but will be seeking new opportunities upon return home.

Your connection The Muse has invited you to write an article for her network.

Dionysus has received his Sommelier Certificate.

Oedipus has accepted a new position as King of Thebes. You and Oedipus are now both connected to his Mom. Send Jocasta a message before it’s too late.

Your connection Eros would love to invite you to connect with others in his growing network!

Congratulate your connection Daedalus on his promotion to Contractor at Labyrinth!

Daedalus has left the Labyrinth position and may be seeking new opportunities.

You have not heard from your connection Icarus in a long time. Get in touch.

Your connection King Midas is celebrating a big raise. Midas would like to get in touch with you. Keep in touch with Midas!

You have endorsed your connection Asclepius for Healing Arts.

Achilles and Hector are no longer connected in the same network.

Congratulate Heracles on finishing his contract at Twelve Labors. Heracles has been endorsed for Strength by everyone in your network.

Jason is still with The Argonauts. You have endorsed Jason for Questing, Fleecing and Treachery.

Hermes has sent you a personal message.

Congratulate Athena on founding a city. You have endorsed Athena for Wisdom, Virginity and War.

You haven’t reached out to Poseidon in a while. Sea what he’s up to!

Atlas has indicated that you might be a colleague. What’s holding you up from getting in touch?

Hera, Zeus, Aphrodite and Adonis checked out your profile.

The Oracle at Delphi would like to know what you’re up to.

Hades would like to connect with you and all your network, eventually.

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No pressure, but the Gods of Olympus smile on you each time you clap for their antics. Socrates, the wisest, most well-connected man in Athens was sentenced to death for impiety and we at LinkedIn Mt. Olympus would not like anything untoward to debilitate our subscribers.

If you’re still feeling impious, you might enjoy the philosophical musings of Socrates’ dog:

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