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Shit! My son’s got a girlfriend!

Breathe… Breathe…PANIC!!!!!!

OK. This is totally wierd. I’m looking at a picture of our son on the sideboard as I type this. He was about 2 when it was taken. Sweet, angelic, smiling. Looking through the lens at me as though I was the only woman he’d ever love.

Blam. Gone. What the F**k happened!

So — a couple of months ago he comes to his Dad and I and asks if he can go to the cinema.

Dad jumps in with his usual “Who with?” and things go very, very pink rather quickly for our poor son who is trying hard to maintain his composure…

Um… (name of girl)…

Dad immediately takes the Mick… son storms off… I think that’s the end of that.


Fast forward a couple of months. School holidays have come and gone… she’s still around.

Now, don’t get me wrong, she’s lovely, I think the world of her, and she and my son are great together.

So why the problem?

Like all parents, I think, we feel we can “let go when the time comes.”

We talk about it over grown up dinners. We laugh about our own early fumbling experiences and we go away feeling like we know what we are doing, and can handle everything.

What I had completely forgotten about in all of this, was how it would actually make me feel, knowing my son was cuddling someone else, sharing his secrets, laughing, joking and loving another woman who was not me.

Quite honestly……. it was shit…….

I am, however, slowly getting used to it.

I am learning to give him his space, to let him explore this new relationship with another human being.

I am learning to laugh when he comes to me, exasperated — “Why are girls so ODD, Mum!”

I’m learning to just watch as they walk down the road together holding hands rather than constantly fighting the urge to link arms with them too.

But most of all, I am looking again into the eyes of my sweet, beautiful boy and realising that he is becoming the man I had always hoped he would be…. kind, loving, thoughtful, generous and loyal and I am so unbelieveably proud of him.

and guess what…. It’s not shit any more….