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A Collection of My Writings

This is my online portfolio for all my work with categories, links, and updates on my writing projects.

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I’ve been described as a prolific writer. Every time someone describes me in this way, I think, ‘What? I don’t write that much.’ Well, lo and behold, I recently took stock of all the writing I’ve published online over the past six years, and yes, the shoe does fit. I decided to create Emphatically Me as a repository of my writings. It’s also home to exclusive work about living life unapologetically, to the fullest, with intention and emphatically.

A little bit about me

I’m Jessica Archuleta. I’m a writer sharing from my life experiences — lived and observed. I believe in being a life-long learner and have a love for various cultures, which includes religions, history, philosophy, food, and the arts.

I returned to college after being away for over twenty years. I’m an undergrad student working on an Associate of Arts and Science degree. Teacher is another word to describe me since I’m a homeschooling mom with five beautiful daughters and five amazing sons. I’m married to Manuel Archuleta, who has been on this crazy beautiful life journey with me for over twenty years now.

From my faith and relationship with Christ I live and move through the world, seeing the truth, beauty, and goodness wherever my eyes are opened enough to see them. I’ve been a monastic oblate of Holy Resurrection Monastery for about twenty years.

Writing has been part of my journey in life since childhood. I rarely have shared my precious words with others, until about six years ago. The vulnerability involved still scares me by pushing me out of my comfort zone. It stretches me, though. Writing has become an integral part of my spiritual growth, and it’s a privilege to share my words with my readers.

Thank you for your interest in my work! ❤

I’m the owner and editor of the following Medium publications:

The following pub is under construction. It really belongs to my teens but I’m helping them with it:


My Writing Projects

  • A cookbook with Fr. Moses from Holy Resurrection Monastery. You can read a little bit about it here:
  • A collection of writings about spirituality from my own experience as a monastic oblate. The book will have poetry and essays from the Lessons From a Monastery series I wrote. The articles will be edited and new exclusive content will be included that won’t be published online. Working title is: Twenty Years Wandering Monastery Grounds
  • Prosphora baking devotional book. I’ve been working on this devotional for years. One day I will finish it!
  • A collection of writing about motherhood. I’m a mama to ten so I have lots to say!

Blogs and website where my writing can be found:

Every Home a Monastery

Most recent post:

Striving to live the Christian life with monasticism as our reference point is the theme for this blog. I’ve written a series of articles called, Lessons from a Monastery. I also have a series about the Benedict Option. I write on spirituality, monasticism, the saints, marriage, and liturgical living. I share the story of my family and our relationship with Holy Resurrection Monastery which is up the road from our house now, but used to be out in the desert of California where my husband and I grew up. It’s a long story!

Engage the Culture

Most recent post:

A collaborative blog with two of the monks from Holy Resurrection Monastery and other Catholics and Orthodox Christians who share their work about culture and original artwork.

Contributions at Catholic Exchange

I am an occasional contributor at Catholic Exchange and have written for them for six years now.

My most recent story:

My author’s page:

I have many interests. It’s good for me to have multiple projects going so I don’t get bored or feel weighed down by the work. If you want updates on my writing, please follow me and Emphatically Me and I will send letters out through the pub with updates. I don’t have an email list yet, because it’s one more thing to do! Eventually. ;-) ❤



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Jessica Archuleta

Jessica Archuleta

Gratefully writing about food, culture, relationships, education, poetry +more| Happy wife & mama to 10|Hispanic woman| Deeply spiritual & religious💗POM Poet💗