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My Collection of Poetry Part 1

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I’m organizing all of my writing which is proving to be a much bigger task than I ever expected! Emphatically Me is my online writing portfolio. I’m creating posts for different categories of my work. My original post with news about my writing and biographical info can be found here:

Poetry has become an important part of my life. Something that has come back to me after many years. I wrote some poetry as a kid, but mostly song lyrics. Then I put my pen down for many years.

A year ago, I took a creative writing class and was dreading, dreading, dreading studying and writing poetry. I thought poetry was going to be all Shakespeare-like, and no offense, I’m just not a fan. I was pleasantly surprised in what I did study, and have found joy in writing my own poems.

It’s also a daily pleasure to read other poets every day here on Medium. I even have a growing collection of poetry books on my nightstand.

My poetry is organized in several categories. It’s my hope you will find something inspiring in my poetry.

Thank you for taking the time to read my writing. I truly appreciate it! ❤

(All links are friends’ links for non-Medium members.)

Poems about myself, writing, and life lessons

Poems about my children and family life

Note: I’m not including the poetry I’ve written for my series, Windows into Motherhood. I have a tab for the series and it can be found here:

Poems written about or inspired by my relationship with my husband

I was given the assignment of personifying a city in creative writing class. I chose to personify the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico as a long lost lover. Certainly my love for my husband is where the passion and inspiration came from besides the beautiful “City Different.”

Poems about spirituality, faith, religion

Because some days religion makes us laugh at ourselves:

Poems about beauty, truth, goodness, nature, love, and culture

Poems about women, mental health, and feminism

I think I’ll continue adding my poems to this post until the end of 2019, then I’ll start part 2!

Find more of my writing on other topics here:

Thank you!




A collection of writings including stories on living life unapologetically, to the fullest, with intention & emphatically by Jessica Archuleta.

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Jessica Archuleta

Jessica Archuleta

Gratefully writing about food, culture, relationships, education, poetry +more| Happy wife & mama to 10|Hispanic woman| Deeply spiritual & religious💗POM Poet💗

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