One Storm to the Next

Jessica Archuleta
May 23, 2019 · 1 min read
Photo by Seb on Unsplash

The rug has been ripped from under my feet.

Running from one fire to the next,

With a bucket of water leaking from a crack.

Dust settles from the earthquake,

Hail beats down,

Tearing my roof apart without a break.

Gasping for air

Struggling to tread water

No shoreline in sight.

Relief comes from exhaustion.

Unless terror startles and breaks dreams apart.

There must be a place of peace and rest

To bask in the sun, wade in the sea

Dance on the shore.

Enjoy life for more than fleeting moments at a time.

Here is another poem of mine:

About the Author

Jessica Archuleta writes from her life experience. She’s a Top Writer on Medium in Food, Cooking, and This Happened to Me. She also writes on culture, homeschooling, education, writing, religion, spirituality, monasticism, motherhood, parenting, and shares poetry and creative writing pieces. Jessica blogs at Every Home a Monastery and Engage the Culture and is a co-editor for One Table, One World publication.

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