HTTPS/SSL on Heroku with Google Domains as DNS provider

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4 min readOct 18, 2017


This might be a bit of a niche share but it is something I struggled with recently. I have a Node.js application hosted on Heroku that I wanted deployed to I bought my domain name through Google Domains as the DNS provider.

This means that even if the user puts in or it all needs to end up on I’m not trying to belabor the point and it may seem obvious but it was non-trivial for me to set up the first time.

tl;dr — the website is hosted live here: (it’ll forward the URL to the https version of the site)

Step 1: Google Domains

Initially I spent a lot of time messing with Google domains but I didn’t really need to. Here is the configuration I ended up with:

Google Domain DNS config for a heroku app

This is very similar to the official post on Google Domains Help for Map your domain to Heroku however the CNAME record is a bit different and the temporary redirect goes to thehttps:// version of my site.

Step 2: Let’s Encrypt

Update Oct ’17: Steps 2 and 3 could be combined with:

$ heroku certs:auto:enable

These two articles were very helpful for me in setting up the config:

Essentially you need to install certbot with homebrew and then run a command to manually generate a certificate. It sounds that scary but (now that it’s done) it’s not too bad.

$ sudo certbot certonly --manual



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